stitching away

My apologies that my posting has been spotty the last week… it seems like all of the sudden I’ve got a million-one-things-to-do and places to be! My hat is off to you talented ladies who manage to juggle everything so gracefully this time of year and still jot down interesting blog entries!

playing with my new hair cut

Yesterday was a red-letter day for me–I got my hair cut for the first time in nearly a year!! I don’t know how I managed to go that long without it getting done (except for a couple minute trims in the spring), but I was determined to let it grow. Unfortunately, my hair is persnickety, and refuses to get any longer than shoulder-blade length! My sister has managed to grow her hair down to her tush, but I alas didn’t inherit that ability. lol! But it feels so nice to have the layers all neatened up, and the curls not so droopy anymore! In fact, I spotted a natural ringlet had formed after a couple inches weight has chopped off! Egads! (The pictures are from today; I’ve been playing with the newly-liberated curls! hehe! Be sure to click on the images for an explanation… )

side view

I also did some ultra-important clothing shopping yesterday. My winter wardrobe is sadly lacking right now–especially in the color department (most of my clothes leftover from last winter are black, since I was working as a hostess at the time…). So it was off to hit my favorite stores, only to spend three hours shopping and only find two tops. Granted, I love the things I did find, but what is it with ready-to-wear being so oddly sized? I kept falling in love with garments that were too small in one size, but far too big when I went up a size. No wonder I love wearing vintage so much… it just fits better. hehe! All was not lost, however; in the course of the day I did get the yummiest hot tea I’ve ever had! It was a Japanese green tea with roasted rice kernels called Genmaicha. Its like the perfect cross between tea and coffee (which I sadly cannot drink more than one cup of a week!). Yummy!


Speaking of tea, I’m becoming quite addicted to tea. My mother is succeeding in making a tea snob out of me–I am becoming quite picky! lol. One thing I am really enjoying lately is green teas; they’re just so fresh and light–and I’ve heard they’re quite good for you. Any recommendations of green teas to try (or any others to check out)? I’m feeling adventurous!

Have a lovely evening, all!!

Cheers & Creativity,
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