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I’ve re-thought this post about a zillion times since this morning! lol. I think its because there are so many other facets, side stories, and general “interestingness” one can talk about when it comes to thrifting. But alas, I had to narrow it down because it would’ve ended up being the Post of the Century. hehe!

The best part of thrifting, in my opinion is not only the hunting for treasures, but finding something truly fun and exciting that is just nickels and dimes! Something that makes you happy, even if it seems silly to everyone else. I have lots of little collections of quite inexpensive finds I am always on the lookout for…

04.05.08 {nifty thrift |

My favorite collection is vintage laces; finding a bag of assorted laces is one of my favorite surprises! Usually they’re mixed up with some truly hideous, synthetic lace. But for a few dollars–who cares?! hehe!

I love using it about my space too; pinning it to my bulletin board, or displaying a fetching collar on an old hanger!

04.05.08 {nifty thrift |

I have many other collections, of course (I tend to be a bit of a packrat–lol!), but I think this is the collection I’m always hunting down new additions to add to while I thrift. Do you have any collections that you find yourself amassing when you thrift?

04.05.08 {nifty thrift |

This ends the week of Nifty Thrifty posts–I sure had fun! I think the best part was hearing about your thrifting stories, adventures and amazing finds! Thank you for sharing this week of thrift love with me!


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04.04.08 {nifty thrift | instant fun!}

I was going to post this one on the fifth installment of Nifty-Thrifty, but I think I’ll switch the posts, and instead do my last post of “favorite finds” tomorrow! So instead, in keeping with the usual “Inspiration Friday” linkage, I’ve gathered a bunch of links on thrifting and recycling those finds–I hope you’ll all enjoy!!

04.04.08 {nifty thrift | ornate}

 Amanda’s fantastic list of thrifting tips!
 national directory of thrift stores (great especially for finding places when you’re travelling!)
 Lorimarsha makes some really swanky refashioned clothes
 painfully hip’s “thrift stars” category–quite inspiring
 Tricia is the Queen of Thrifting (in my humble opinion! hehe!)
 a wardrobe “thrift-along”! [ via ]

Know of any good thrifty-links? Please share!

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p.s. Curious about the photos? They’re a couple little treasures I picked up this afternoon whilst thrifting! Click on the images for more…

04.02.08 {nifty thrift | red shift}

I grew up with a wardrobe stocked of mostly thrifted garments. Saturday mornings were devoted to hitting our two favorite mega-stores, right as they opened; Mom sifting through the racks searching for garments to clothe both myself and my sister. Inevitably, we’d get bored following her around, and start darting through the aisles, pulling out gaudily beaded evening gowns and howling in laughter at ourselves in the mirror when we’d hold them up.

04.02.08 {nifty thrift | rasberry red}

This was back in the early 1990s; and I still remember to this day seeing the racks of 1960s prom dresses, and fur coats. I credit my sense of “eclectic fashion” style to these early years spent in thrift stores. Where Christian Dior rubbed shoulders with fringed hippie cast-offs. Somehow it made the idea of mixing things up, and not being “trendy” a lot more palatable when I decided to return to my roots (thrifting).

04.02.08 {nifty thrift | prim and proper}

Needless to say, I still love going through and finding gems of garments; even though its a bit harder these days to really strike gold with vintage. But occasionally, you do… usually when you’re not expecting it!

04.02.08 {nifty thrift | jazz baby}

These are a few of my favorite finds; some of which I thrifted a few years ago, and others that are more recent. None I’ve ever shown here. Be sure to click on the photos for larger views and descriptions! (And stop by my Flickr stream for more photos.)

04.02.08 {nifty thrift | cape proof}

Have you ever found a real, thrift-store gem? Tell me your story!

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p.s. This post has a rather humorous anecdote… I had planned on showing the most gorgeous gown I happened up last year. Its a beautifully-constructed, 1960s wedding gown with a long train that can be gathered up into a dramatic, sculptural bustle. I bought it for a song (at least, considering how much wedding gowns normally cost). Alas, I haven’t ever been able to post photos, because a certain Boyfriend reads this blog occasionally. lol. And you know, that would be bad luck–just in case! hehe!!

04.01.08 {nifty thrift | vintage apron patterns}

04.01.08 {nifty thrift | 1930s aprons}

Besides the clothes rack, my biggest preoccupation whilst digging through thrift stores is vintage patterns. While yes, part of the motivation is that I do sew, and thus am always on the hunt for some new and “exciting” style to whip up, I do love collecting them for their graphics! (Because honestly–I don’t think I could ever sew all of the patterns–although I’d like to think I could! hehe!)

04.01.08 {nifty thrift | retro '70s patterns}

They’re little time-capsules of previous eras and fashion styles. I love seeing how not only the trends have changed for the home seamstress, but also the sewing techniques!

04.01.08 {nifty thrift | 1940s pinafore apron}

I also feel a slight connection to the ladies who owned these patterns before me. I think the best patterns are the ones that have pin markings, notes, or even just simple circles around the size they needed to cut out! (Something I do!)

04.01.08 {nifty thrift | vintage needlework books}

I also occasionally light upon a “how-to” booklet from the 1950s or 1960s. I love flipping through them for ideas and inspiration! Look at some of these pages:

04.01.08 {nifty thrift | sweater embellishments!}

04.01.08 {nifty thrift | make your own shoes}

See more vintage-pattern goodness here and here!

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03.31.08 {nifty thrift | tablecloth }

Nifty-thrift is a week-long tribute to my favorite pastime: hunting for old treasures! Feel free to join in on your own blog with photos and musings on uncovering a diamond in the rough. Or feel free to share your favorite “nifty-thrift” story in the comments–I’d love to hear it!

I think I gasped quite loudly when I found this tablecloth. It was sitting quietly folded in a pile of other vintage linens in one of my favorite thrift shops. Mom and I had been spending the day traveling from one thrift store to the next, rummaging. But this was without a doubt, my find of the day–no–possibly year. I had been searching for ages for a pretty, vintage table covering. And I felt more than satisfied and surprised by this little gem!

03.31.08 {nifty-thrift | colors!}

Just look at the colors! I think it must have been made for a card table, as it is the perfect-square size for just such a surface!

03.31.08 {nifty-thrift | embroidery}

My favorite is the gorgeous embroidery!! I daresay it’ll only come out on extra special occasions, but I look so forward to using it.


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03.28.08 {polka-dot procrastination}

First things first: Today is the last day to sign up for the Creative Cacaphony Swap! Be sure to email me by this evening (with the information outlined here) so I can add you to the list. I’ve been quite surprised by the enthusiastic response–I think its going to be loads of fun!

03.28.08 {simplicity}

Alas, I still haven’t attached the ruffle to the dress. It’s turned out to be one of those weeks, where everything is just zooming by far to fast. hehe! Not that I mind, but I am definitely spending some serious time with my machine this weekend… once I finish leftover homework, that is! However, I have gotten some creating done! I checked out Bead Simple from the library yesterday (after Tricia posted a glowing review), and managed to try out a few things with my stash of vintage bits and bobs collecting dust. lol. I made this super-simple, but very pretty, necklace using some odd chain I had and about fifteen minutes of time while making dinner. I’m itching to try out a pair of earrings, or perhaps another necklace!

I must, unfortunately, keep this post short; I’ve got a to-do list nearly a mile long! hehe. Take care, my friends; enjoy the links and have a simply wonderful weekend!!!

03.28.08 {springtime skies - one}

such pretty, simple garments @ nooy [ via ]
how to properly rip out sewn seams
an artist we briefly talked about in Design History
to die-for vintage [ via ]
interview with Maira Kalman!
save polaroid. ‘nuff said
alana davis’s beautiful photography [ via ]


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p.s. Interested in doing a week of thrift finds? I’m blogging five days of favorite thrift finds next week, and if you’d like to join in the fun, please do! There is nothing fancy, no rules–just happily talking and showing off thrifted goodies! If you would, you are more than welcome to snag this button to post in your blog…