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05.02.08 {which one?}

My printer has been humming away lately. I’ve been doing loads of research into various areas of graphic design lately. I’m not one of those people who likes reading long articles on my computer (perhaps it’s because I do spend so much time staring at the screen!). Now I have a stack of papers next to my desk. Scribbled and highlighted. Reminds me of prepping for a research paper!

I also printed off something much less… wordy: the Ruby shorts from Burda Style! Confession time: I hate wearing shorts, but they are a nessecity in the hot and humid Virginia summertime. Last pair of pants I tried creating totally crashed and burned too… So this is Casey Going Out on a Limb! But I bought a red, stripy (yay! I know, I’m obsessed with stripes–and red.) material at JoAnn’s the other day. I think I’ll use a fun vintage print for the facing and turn it to the outside so they’re a little more interesting than the usual shorts-fare. But we’ll see how this goes… Not sure when I think I’m going to have time to sew these; life has just been far too hectic lately! lol.

 a cute idea for really saving your pennies!
 I love these stylish, diy shelves
 the perfect “flea marketing 101” guide!
 this space is inspiring me with it’s vintage whimsy!
 allison’s photography is breathtaking!
 how to clean vintage linens, part 1 and 2
 freelance management (specifically for graphic designers, but I think can apply to anyone!)
 vintage sewing manuals–galore! [ source ]
 amy’s adorably fun take on the traditional clock-face

What are your plans for this weekend? I hope you’re doing something fun, and relaxing! I’ve got a packed weekend… all kinds of fun and games, and little plans here and there for all sorts of excitement!


04.18.08 {portfolio | kate's site 01}

04.18.08 {portfolio | kate's site 2}

[ snippets of Kate’s website ]

Just popping up from my little hiding-spot behind my computer screen! I’ve spent a good deal of the week immersed in coding and design… In fact, I think I’ve become a wee bit obsessive lately–formatting and editing code until the wee hours. hehe! Anyway, I just finished working on a website for the lovely Kate! Her photography is really gorgeous–I just love the lush colors and the way she captures the scene. I was so tickled that she asked me to do this for her–go check out her beautiful work!

04.18.08 {portfolio | snippet}

[ a sneak-peek at my portfolio-in-progress! ]

I’m also busily working on my own website as I have little snippets of time. I think I must be the pickiest “client” ever–I’ve gone through four different design ideas in as many weeks! lol. I finally hit on a look that I feel both captures my design sensibilities, and allows my portfolio to be the main focus. Hopefully that’ll be up in a few weeks…

Anyway, I’m keeping this rather short because the Beau is visiting for a super-short weekend! I haven’t seen him in nearly a month, though it seems quite longer. We’re trying to cram all kinds of things in the couple of days he’s back: errands, catching up on ‘news’ and other important-things, celebrating his birthday… Problem is I’ve only got one half of his birthday gift. I purchased an amazing tshirt from Poison Apple Shirts, but the dive knife I wanted to get him isn’t in the local shop anymore. Oh well… I’m sure i can always find something.

Enjoy this week’s links. I hope you all have a absolutely fantastic weekend!!

 tutorial of recycling magazine pages into bubble mailers!
 I love the simplicity of this artist’s work [ via ]
 turn an old, chipped or broken platter into a mirror
 this photography is breathtaking [ via ]
 nubby kindly answered my font question with some fantastic resources!
 love the colors and linework of this art
 a super-helpful website/blog/book on running your own business


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p.s. Did you know Wendy’s new book is out??? I don’t know about you, but I’m saving up my pennies for this one!

04.11.08 {pretty ladies | one}

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments on my polka dot dress! Your sweetness made me blush so!

Yesterday I stumbled upon the very fun Muxtape site (via Gala’s recommendation). Let’s just say I’ve probably spent more time poking around other people’s play lists than I probably should–being the music fiend I am! hehe! I’m also in the midst of writing a rather long research paper, which always makes me crave playing music constantly. So, in the spirit of sharing and discovering new music, I’ve created a little play list of my favorite low-key, “study” tunes for you today!! sometimes rainbow: a picture (I know… I stink at titles… lol!).

04.11.08 {pretty ladies | two}

Oh, and as a side note to all Creative Cacophony participants: I sent you emails yesterday with your partner’s information!! Hurrah!! I simply can’t wait to put together a smashup of my favorite tunes and send it off!

 inspiring living ideas [ via ]
 I want one in a “big girl” size!
 gorgeous floral images…
 amazing compilation of interior spaces
 love the organic form’s of Rachel’s artwork [ via ]
 colorful inspiration board

That’s all for this week! I hope you all have a simply lovely weekend!! I’m planning on pretty much staying planted in front of my laptop–until that paper is done!


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p.s. I realize these photos have absolutely nothing to do with this post! But they were so pretty, and make up for my lack of interesting photography today. lol!

04.04.08 {twitter}

Oh dear! I missed a day of Nifty Thrifty posts… looks like I’ll have to play “make up” tomorrow, perhaps? hehe! Anyway, I will do today’s installment later this afternoon. For now, I hope you enjoy these links to various, inspiring spots about the web I stumbled upon this week!

Oh, and I must tell you that Bead Simple is turning out to be quite a favorite book around here; I’ve finally been poking about in my stash of bits and bobbins. I unearthed a pretty wren (I think… I’m so bad with bird species!) ornament I bought after Christmas. I thought it would make a fetching necklace pendent, but I never found a necklace suited to attach it to. So yesterday evening I pulled out some chain, a few beads I scrounged from an old rummage-sale necklace, and voila! Perfectly suited to the spring weather, don’t you think?

 a thought-provoking post on the current state of fashion
 brilliant method for repairing torn tissue sewing patterns!
 inspiring interview with design-extordinaire Nubby Twiglet
 these sweet images make me smile! [ via ]
 a whole site of found snapshots [ via ]
 gorgeous artwork by Hillary Webb
 a fun way to use orphaned belt buckles!
 dreamy frocks and more…
 a variety of snazzy, easy-to-make headbands! [ via ]

I’m off to spend a day of poking around in thrift shops with my mom (we’ve been planning this for months and schedules just haven’t meshed! hehe!)!! Have a lovely Friday… stay tuned for the Nifty Thrifty post later on!


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03.28.08 {polka-dot procrastination}

First things first: Today is the last day to sign up for the Creative Cacaphony Swap! Be sure to email me by this evening (with the information outlined here) so I can add you to the list. I’ve been quite surprised by the enthusiastic response–I think its going to be loads of fun!

03.28.08 {simplicity}

Alas, I still haven’t attached the ruffle to the dress. It’s turned out to be one of those weeks, where everything is just zooming by far to fast. hehe! Not that I mind, but I am definitely spending some serious time with my machine this weekend… once I finish leftover homework, that is! However, I have gotten some creating done! I checked out Bead Simple from the library yesterday (after Tricia posted a glowing review), and managed to try out a few things with my stash of vintage bits and bobs collecting dust. lol. I made this super-simple, but very pretty, necklace using some odd chain I had and about fifteen minutes of time while making dinner. I’m itching to try out a pair of earrings, or perhaps another necklace!

I must, unfortunately, keep this post short; I’ve got a to-do list nearly a mile long! hehe. Take care, my friends; enjoy the links and have a simply wonderful weekend!!!

03.28.08 {springtime skies - one}

such pretty, simple garments @ nooy [ via ]
how to properly rip out sewn seams
an artist we briefly talked about in Design History
to die-for vintage [ via ]
interview with Maira Kalman!
save polaroid. ‘nuff said
alana davis’s beautiful photography [ via ]


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p.s. Interested in doing a week of thrift finds? I’m blogging five days of favorite thrift finds next week, and if you’d like to join in the fun, please do! There is nothing fancy, no rules–just happily talking and showing off thrifted goodies! If you would, you are more than welcome to snag this button to post in your blog…

03.20.08 {bringing the 80s back}

[ my outfit yesterday that consisted of an alarmingly large number of vintage ’80s, thrifted pieces! ]

Happy Spring, my dears!!! Life has been such a flurry of activity lately. Yesterday I went on my first, proper retail shopping trip since my little experiment commenced in January. Though, I must say that it was for an entirely-allowable cause: footwear! My springtime shoe situation is a little pathetic, and despite my frequent thrifting, finding vintage shoes in my size (and a color/style that I like) is proving nigh impossible. lol. So I bought a pair of patent-leather dress shoes for the spring (I know, patent for spring? We shall see!), and lighted upon this delightfully 1930s-esque pair of heels for 70% off:

03.20.08 {new oxfords!}

Hooray!! Confession: after I took this photo, I kept them on all evening, whilst catching up with my emails and listening to The Shins (oh! how I love them!!). I am such a silly little someone! hehe.

There are so many, incredibly inspiring links this week! I hope you have a moment to look through them…

 ah-yi’s utterly inspiring blog
 a clever idea for hanging vases!
 Tricia’s thoughtful post on fashion’s do’s and don’t’s
 an utterly feminine, inspring little nook
 colorful clothes from gudren sjödén [ via ]
 a great article on design
 check out these beautiful spaces featured on Poppytalk here & also here
 fairytale-like photos
 beautiful, artistic embroidery

03.21.08 {a little painting}

Have a utterly lovely weekend! For those of you that celebrate Easter, I hope you all have a beautiful day (and lots of yummy Easter candy… hehe!). I shall be back on Monday!


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Aw… Thank you for your sweet comments about my wee posting that my Sweetheart was home for the weekend! It was really so lovely to find those in my inbox this morning; softened the feeling of loneliness a bit. Thank you.

03.17.08 {bittersweet cardigan}

Onto sweater-reveal goodness! Its a cardigan that originally looked quite drab, unfitted and well… basic. (Somewhat like this one, although this is a different sweater. I forgot to take a “before” shot! Ack!!) I picked it up at one of the local thrift shop’s dollar days, and since it was a lovely silk/cashmere blend, I thought it would be worth refashioning into something a little more… me!!

03.17.08 {tic-tac-toe}

I used this book, The Yestermorrow Clothes Book as a reference point for starting the refashion. It details how to take apart a sweater, adjust the fit, and put it back together again! I figured out how much I wanted to take the sides in (‘cause the fit was too boxy for me), cut the side seams apart, removed the bottom ribbing band, cut the sleeves off, and shortened the body of the cardigan by about 4”.

Despite the fact that it is a sweater knit, it wasn’t really that hard to sew the pieces! I just used a very narrow zig-zag (almost a straight stitch… but not quite) on all the seams, trimmed them down and then did a larger zig-zag over the edges. The sleeves I shortened by cutting off the original sleeve cap, and cutting a new one (I was bad… I just eyeballed it, although the book does recommend using a pattern!), and then reattaching to the new armhole (which I narrowed at the shoulder seam).

03.17.08 {eyelet}

The reconstruction work was a breeze; deciding on trim and buttons was the hard part! hehe! I hunted through my stash of vintage textiles and pulled out two sleeves I had chopped off an old, eyelet and lace dress. I knew the salvaged eyelet would come in handy one day!! I just enclosed the front edges with the eyelet, topstitching everything down. The buttons were just from my stash; and I decided to go with the white and red because I didn’t have enough red buttons of the right size.

03.17.08 {construction details}

So… I have a very cute (in my opinion! lol!) cardigan for only nickels and dimes, as my dad would say! Now that I have made you endure the long, drawn-out details of how I did this, here is the fun, belated, Friday links roundup!!! Oh, and now you can reference the older posts of Friday links just by clicking the “inspiration” image. Hurrah!!

 make a no-pattern, no-zipper skirt!
 sweet ideas for accessorizing with vintage doilies
 beautiful, inspiring fashion and outfit ideas
 a great interview with Polaroid artist Jen Gotch [ via ]
 Jenny’s meditation on creativity and developing a collection
 knit a very cute, stripy hat!
 breathtakingly beautiful photographs and illustrations
 how to take a pattern from a favorite garment!!!*
 I so want to live in this space…

*I am dying to try this! I mean… wouldn’t it be great to finally take some patterns from my vintage collection?! *sigh*

03.17.08 {artsy}

Enjoy all the linking-goodness and inspiration! I shall post the Vintage Monday image a wee bit later today…


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