05.01.08 {springish baubles | one}

Happy May Day, my dears! Hurrah for May! I love May more than any other springtime month… and it’s not just because my birthday is nestled in. hehe.

The weather and general excitement over the springishness is causing me to contemplate season-appropriate accessories. Rhiannon posted this beautiful photo a month ago. It’s been stuck in my mind ever since! I used to wear flowers in my hair occasionally, but during the wintertime I generally don’t–mostly because I think I’d look rather ridiculous traipsing through snow with a flower stuck in my hair! lol.

05.01.08 {springish baubles | five}

The other day I was in Michael’s during a routine “eraser-run” for my always-sketching sister, and spotted their single-stem florals were 50% off. So of course, having spotted some pretty silk flowers a few weeks ago (and not wanting to pay full price), I snatched up a few picks; two “gigantic” and a stem of small, red flowers. I snapped the heads off (eek! lol), was happy to discover that they actually glue together the layers of silk flowers now (so they don’t pop apart like they used to when you pulled the wire stems out), and trimmed down the plastic connectors.

05.01.08 {springish baubles | three}

[ its a snap! ]

I glued them all to clip-style barrettes (tip: open the barrettes before you glue the flowers on), and used hot glue to attach the flower heads to the barrettes. I know some people use oversized bobby pins instead of barrettes, but I’ve always had a hard time with those sliding out of my hair over time. For under $5, I have five floral barrettes to embellish my hair-do’s! I am definitely dying to wear the large flowers soon–they’re so dramatic! I think, however, I do need to make some in other than pink or red–I have a tendency to get “stuck” on just those hues when it comes to selecting flowers! hehe!

So, now that I’ve dragged you through the tutorial portion of this post, it’s time to get to what you really want to know: the winner of the giveaway! Using the age-old tradition of putting all the names in a bowl and pulling one out (I’m still so old-fashioned this way!), I found the winner…


Congrats!!! I think these little drawings are way too much fun; perhaps I’ll have another later this month. So keep your eyes peeled!

Have a lovely Thursday… I shall be back tomorrow with my weekly round up of links and other inspiration; and perhaps some reporting on the craft/creativity front!


02.14.08 {valentine whimsy}

Happy Valentine’s Day, my dears!! Even if you don’t like the day for its romantic overtones, I do hope that you indulge in a little chocolate and perhaps some pampering. hehe! I have some plans for today; although the a bit of a damper has been put on the general mushiness of the day because I have an Algebra test! (How typical! lol!)

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, here are a few links to pretty web pages I’ve run across. Also, I’ve included a link to a downloadable, vintage Valentine I scanned and formatted. You can print off and share with your loved ones! I know its a wee bit late; I wanted to post it a few days ago but the week managed to get away from me. So alas, hopefully someone needs a last-minute card!

02.14.08 {step 8}

1920s Vintage Valentine

Download the .jpg file here. Print off on card stock or heavyweight photo paper and follow the assembly instructions. Write a sweet something in it for your loved one, and present to them (perhaps with some Hershey kisses or tickets to a movie!)!!

♥ valentine sweets ♥
 gorgeous, Victorian valentine gallery!
 a pretty, paper heart garland
 create a secret message-in-a-bottle for your sweetie
 more vintage valentine goodness!
 printable sheet of old fashioned valentines!

Have a lovely and sweet day, my friends!!!

Cheers & Creativity,
Casey [ email me ]

christmas tree

I woke up at 10am this morning… It is a funny feeling to wake up so late–especially when I’m used to be up at least two hours earlier. I keep looking at the clock expecting it to not be so late! hehe. Ahh… this is probably a good thing; it forces me to take a bit of a chill pill today, just go with the flow. Oh, and putting on some good jazz for background music helps too. Jazz–mostly of the Glenn Miller, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday type–is on heavy rotation these days. I usually listen to music all day long, but I find that during the colder months I listen to a lot more swing and jazz. I think because it makes me feel warm and fuzzy; like I want to don a big sweater and curl up in a chair with a cup of hot something-or-the-other and just enjoy life.

almost finished!!

Yesterday evening I finished all the voile cockades and attaching yarn pom poms to the glittered snowflakes. So my swap ornaments are almost done! Hooray!! I just need to add the red ribbons for hanging and package them. Which reminds me…

all lined up...

I’m going to do a little Holiday Giveaway!! I’ll be giving away two little packages of goodies: an ornament, a packet of 10 of my Christmas postcards, all wrapped up like a little gift! So, if you’d like to be entered, please drop me an email by Thursday at 9pm (Eastern time), and I’ll randomly draw two names. I’ll post them Friday so hopefully the winners will get them by Christmas! Anyone is welcome to enter–don’t let living outside the US stop you; shipping overseas is no problem! Good luck!!

Have a lovely, warm and snuggly Tuesday!!

Cheers & Creativity,
Casey [ email me ]

holiday postcards

Every year, almost without fail, I hatch grand plans for how I’m going to make Christmas cards and send them out to everyone I know. Most years, something (usually finals when I’m in school) interrupts these plans. And this year it kinda happened (remember that sketch that was supposed to be my holiday card? Its still unfinished, I’m sad to say…). But I did manage to scan a vintage Christmas postcard and do some graphic design magic… Viola! A cute, vintage theme Christmas card!! Which leads me into…

I would love to do a little Christmas card swap this year! If you’d like to get a postcard in the mail from me, just drop me an email with your name and address and I’ll send one to you! (And please, if you live outside the US, don’t let that stop you!) Just be sure to have emailed me by December 10–I plan on sending my postcards out around that time. I almost hesitate to call this a swap, since I’m not demanding you send me anything back. If you’d like to–I’d be thrilled! Otherwise, this is my little Christmas gift to you! And please, don’t be shy–even if you’ve never commented, or are new to this blog!

So far today has been spent working and catching up! The Shoppe managed to empty out a bit after last week (a million thanks to those who have been interested in my wares!), so I’m scrambling to get the last few Christmasy items up later this week. Stay tuned for some more pins, stockings and a surprise!

mail goodness

Highlight of my day today was the mail. I know I probably shouldn’t get so excited, but its nice to get something other than bills and offers from universities for a change! Firstly was the package of cream card stock I ordered from Laura Crow Miller after she recently was clearing out some excess supplies. She included a few goodies that I just love (aren’t the round tags so cute?)!

anthropologie inspiration 01

The new Anthropologie catalog came as well. Gosh, I love their clothes–its a weakness, it really is. I can barely bring myself to pay for the clothes–even when they’re on sale–but I still love looking at them and getting ideas. The cover was just gorgeous–I want to wear flowers piled atop my head like that! lol. And my favorite outfit pictured had to be the one below; stripy pants and a really cute cardigan? Yes please!

anthropologie inspiration 02

Have you peeked at the newest issue of NEET? Every issue seems to get better and better, in my opinion! I purchased ad space in this issue–which was the first “big” scale ad I’ve done! I certainly learned a couple things about ad design that I’ll use next time I have to design a large scale graphic like this. But it sure was fun, and hopefully will garner a wee bit of interest in the Shoppe!


I hope you all are having a lovely, inspired Monday!!

Cheers & Creativity,
Casey [ email me ]

my most involved tote bag yet...

I love taking a weekend off to spend with family and friends, but sometimes the reality check of Mondays are quite severe! hehe! Do you ever feel that way? But, I have to say, that I had an absolutely lovely holiday weekend, and I hope everyone else did too! Now my thoughts are turning towards Christmas, the mountain of things I have left to do, and all the shopping that still needs to be completed! (Like the little bag above that will be in the Shoppe later this week!) I have started to get into the festive mood though; I went out on Friday and bought a 36” feather tree at Michael’s that I had been eyeing for a week:

my newest addtion

my first ornament

We always have a big, fresh-cut tree in the living area of the house, but this year I wanted to bring some of the Christmas cheer up to my room/studio, since I spend so much time up here. Plus, there was the added incentive of needing a place to hang ornaments from the Ornament Swap I signed up for! And this little addition to my room was just in time too–the first ornament came today!! I have the tree lit up most of the day, and now Christmas music is competing with Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell for listening time!

Oh, and look at the pretty pedant (actually an ornament) featuring Mr. Bunny that I wore on Thanksgiving:

close up of mr. bunny

Isn’t he adorable?! The enormously imaginative and whimsical Marjorie had been making and selling out of these little guys, and I was finally able to snag one for myself! (Thank you, Marjorie!!) He is quite at home with my strand of faux pearls and favorite striped shirt. I’m thinking he would look equally fetching with a bow tied at the top and pinned to a coat lapel…

a little bit of fun and whimsy!

One more little piece of blog business and I’m off to catch up on my blog reading! hehe! I’ve been going through my “stash” of fabrics and supplies and found this cute vintage print I bought earlier in the year. It features tiny Christmas stockings in a variety of colors, and is approximately 44” wide and just a wee bit under 1 1/4 yards. The first person to email me (just be sure to change the [AT] to @) and claims this cute fabric gets it!! Thank you so much–its been claimed! But stay tuned… more giveaway goodies to come!!

I hope everyone is having a lovely start to their week!!

Cheers & Creativity,
Casey [ email me ]

p.s. I just wanted to add that I added some new things to the Shoppe this morning, including a couple of the wildly popular polar bear pins!!

august give-away!!
Time for another Elegant Musings giveaway! After wracking my brain as to what to do for a giveaway, especially after the wildly popular vintage paper packets drawing, I decided to have a drawing for a small set of handmade tags! I make these to use with my vintage jewelry sold in the shoppe, and thought that they’d make great gift tags (or whatever!) as well.

If you’d like to be entered for a chance to win a set of six handmade gift tags, featuring vintage papers and ribbon embellishments, please leave a comment in this post with your name (or screen name if you prefer). I’ll do a drawing of one name August 27th, and will post the winner’s name here. They will have 48 hours to email me and let me know their contact information and I’ll drop the package in the mail! So, comment away and good luck!

prepping for the new schoolyear...
Tomorrow is when my summer officially ends. The school year promises to start off right though, with my printmaking class being the first!! I’m so excited because its with my favorite teacher and is a class that I’ve been dying to take for over a year. This is the first semester I haven’t run out a week before and loaded up on gobs of back to school supplies, mostly because I don’t feel the need to (after four semesters at college, it just isn’t that big of a deal!). But I do need a notebook to keep random notes in; usually a plain, spiral-bound notebook suffices. This year though, I bought a classic composition book (for $0.25!) and am decoupaging all kinds of vintage paper, words and images on the cover to make it more “me”.

*sigh* The end of summer is always so bittersweet… Anyone else heading back to the hallways of learning soon??

cheers & creativity,
    ♥ casey [ email me ]