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The weeks are just flying by already… it seems hard to believe that I start back to classes tomorrow!! *sigh* My little “hiatus” from school was fun, but I knew it would come to and end sometime. hehe!

a new little adornment

Look what the postman dropped in my mailbox today! This sweet little pink, mouse brooch from the always-whimsical Marjorie!! I’m so delighted with her–I can’t wait to wear this with my green and pink cardigan refashion. Though my Mr. Bunny pendant (also from Marjorie) will have to vacate his spot pinned beneath the eyelet cockade…

sketching away!

Sketching has been forefront lately… my mind is just swimming with ideas! My latest little fancy… though she is very much still in progress and needs to be transferred to some board and painted!

Look what I treated myself to the other day while I was at Borders: the February/March issue of Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion! I love this magazine anyway, but this is always my favorite issue because its the yearly artists’ studio tour feature! I’m always inspired by the beauty artists surround themselves with, their philosophy on art and the artist, how they got started… I just want to cut this issue to pieces and stick the images in my notebook!! But I have a “no cutting” policy with ME Home Companion (I have stacks of back issues!), so I just keep paging through again and again. Such a wonderful way to refill and refresh my creativity!

pages of inspiration...

Here is this week’s Vintage Monday Feature! I’m still stuck in the 1840’s (though that isn’t a bad thing!), and keep returning to the patterns, colors and lines of the decade:

vintage monday...

Have a lovely Monday, my dears!! I’m off to knit and draw some more… ta-ta!

Cheers & Creativity,
Casey [ email me ]


to sleep, perchance to dream...

Happy New Year! I know… a wee bit late; but I have to admit it feels like the changing of the year snuck up on me! The time between Christmas and New Year was chock full of little events, get-togethers, working on Shoppe goodies, and spending time with my family. What a lovely–albeit exhausting–time I had!

… but I don’t want to bore you with the Post of the Century. So I shall try to keep brief the events that happened since I started my blogging break! (I know, I know… it’ll be a miracle if I do; I tend to ramble!!)

Christmas was absolutely lovely; I relaxed all day!! Its funny, but Christmas has really stopped being about what I get–I love watching other people open gifts and see the joy on their faces! I managed to keep about 50% of my gifts handmade (either by me, or one of the fabulous artisans on Etsy), which was a bit hard since I had new people to purchase for (L. and his family), and my father: who is notoriously hard to figure gifts for! I was delighted that I received many of the items I had requested on my Etsy wish list; including this gorgeous pair of earrings from Pear22:

the color of robin's eggs

The highlight, however, was the two books my parents gave me. One was the hefty, perfect-for-the-coffee-table Poiret book from the MET exhibit. I’ve been slowly paging through, reliving my wonder and inspiration over seeing these garments in person during my trip this summer to NYC. They also gave me Amy Butler’s Midwest Modern, which I have been unable to stop looking through and soaking up the philosophy of Amy’s amazing design and house! Mom and I keep snatching it from each other–we can’t get enough! lol.

little stack

The days leading up to New Year’s were hectic and full. Between various social commitments and realizing I had a deadline fast approaching, I panicked a wee bit. After a talk with L., who reasoned the whole thing out with me (whatever would I do without him?!), I spent as much time as I could working, creating, brainstorming, and redesigning packaging (to better reflect the aesthetic direction my website has taken). Once I got into the work groove, it was fun (albeit, exhausting!)!! Oh, and some new music helped too: The Shepherd’s Dog (Iron and Wine) and Chinatown (The Be Good Tanyas) have been my soundtrack and source of inspiration the last week.

more goodies!

Must be off… I’m playing nurse to my poor L. this week. I’m quite loving the feeling of being needed and useful to someone (and I think he’s loving all the attention coming from me)! Have a lovely afternoon my dears!

Cheers & Creativity,
Casey [ email me ]

It is a fact universally acknowledged, that I spend far too much time on Etsy

etsy goodies [ “let them eat cake” ]

Black and Blue Revue Hair Piece – This gorgeous flower and ostrich feather piece by Louise Black is perfect for adding a little glam to your party outfits!

Vienna at Dusk – I love this beautiful blue silk and velvet ribbon wristlet from Vienna La Rouge!

Filigree Buckle Handbag – A lovely and chic solution to carrying your beauty essentials (and keys) about with you! By Studio 67.

More handcrafted goodness in my previous Etsy picks!

Cheers & Creativity,
Casey [ email me ]

It is a fact universally acknowledged, that I spend far too much time on Etsy

etsy goodies [ “rings on her fingers” ]

Deco Flapper Girl – I love this chic, image-based ring from the always amazing Tartx!

Forget-Me-Not – Beautiful, icy colors of the blue, vintage glass set against the ornate metal filigree by Morning Glory Designs.

Hot Pink Daisy – Isn’t this a gorgeous, eye-catching silver and pink enamel ring from Metal Garden Factory?!

More handcrafted goodness in my previous Etsy picks!

Cheers & Creativity,
Casey [ email me ]

gloomy days call for pink sweaters...

[ Gloomy days call for bright, pink sweaters! ]

Discovering new things about yourself is a good thing, especially when it falls into the category of learning what you can’t do or handle. The thought behind this, so I’m told, is to avoid the particular action/thought/feeling that causes this adverse ending. However, some people, including your devoted blogger, don’t seem to get this until she’s been banged thoroughly over the head a few times with some sense! Case in point: I learned two, valuable things about myself over the weekend that I thought I had gotten before. Firstly, that Casey does not look good in styles that do not have some waist definition and do not possess a belt or sash. Secondly, and far more important, slicing and dicing patterns at this point is mainly a hobby–and unless some serious revelation in patience comes in the next few decades, will remain just that. Something I dabble in.

Yes, dear readers, the plaid dress I showed off last week and was so excited about now sits in my Scrap Heap. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has ever attempted a project (sewing or otherwise), felt so sure about it, only to have it crash and burn horribly in the end. At least I hope I’m not!! lol. So for my sanity and the sake of keeping this blog a generally happy place, I shall henceforth stick to pre-drafted sewing patterns, garment alterations (still got the “slicing and dicing” element!), and occasionally draping a garment. Things that I know I can do without wanting to tear my hair out. lol!

cloud pin

Anyway, onto more happy and wonderful things! First off, I had to share an absolute miracle that happened today at the Post Office! (And I couldn’t help but think of Laura who had a similar, “Post Office Miracle” recently!) I went there this afternoon, with much trepidation at the holiday bustle and lines, secretly wishing I had gotten my act together and gone there first thing in the morning! But what did my wondering eyes behold?! I got through both the self-serve package kiosk and standing in line for postcard stamps in less than 10 minutes total. Golly, my trip to the library afterwards took longer! This makes me a very happy gal indeed!

And look at all the goodies the postman has been leaving for me lately:

rabbit ring

A super-duper cute white rabbit ring from the lovely Meg at Vienna Horses. And she included that adorable cloud pin as a little “make up” for the long shipping time (which wasn’t that long at all!).

a new ornament!!

Another Christmas ornament in the swap! Eeeep! I love this one so much! Anne made an ornament with a scrap of a map that shows my neck of the woods in Virginia! I mean, how thoughtful is that?! Thank you heaps, Anne! (If you’re reading this!) So now it proudly hangs on my tree!

Lastly, before this post becomes an overly-wordy behemoth: I’m have a wee special over at the Shoppe! From now until Wednesday shipping is free on both domestic and international orders! Be sure to take advantage of this discount while it lasts. Perhaps a little last minute shopping or a treat for yourself?

hanging on my tree

I’m off to keep chipping away at my to-do list some more. Is it just me but are Mondays sometimes the hardest to get “back into the swing of things”? You’d think two days off wouldn’t mess one up so much! hehe! Have a lovely, creative day, my friends!!

Cheers & Creativity,
Casey [ email me ]

p.s. Today is the last call if you’d like to get a Christmas card from me!! Be sure to drop me an email with your name and address if you’d like to get one; I’ll be posting them later this week. Please don’t be shy–anyone is welcome to request one!

showing off my new earrings!

You know, one day when I learn how to spell, that my friends will be a day worth celebrating! Somehow, in my hurry to get yesterday’s post up so I could start back to sewing, I miss-titled the post. It was supposed to be “life is running around in me like a squirrel”, not “life is running around in my like a squirrel”. Which makes absolutely sense at all. Welcome to the world of Makes-No-Sense! (In case you’re wondering, yes I did go back and edit the boo-boo out of the post titles! lol)

I have to share some new little goodies I got in the mail today (I actually have gotten more than these, but I’m going to save that for showing off on Monday!): the wee owl earrings from Susan at SueLieu! I just love her earrings; they’re always so beautiful and simple–yet the designs and colors always pop! Do drop over and check out her Etsy store and stop by her blog for some great inspiration!

Oh! Have you seen the new pattern grading tutorial over at Burda Style?? It looks really good! I was taught how to do basic grading years ago, but this goes a little more in depth and gets more into the nitty-gritty, technicalities of grading. I needed to brush up on the core concepts anyway. If you’ve never tried grading a pattern–you really should! I find its really easy: just slicing and spreading. Super simple once you get the math out of the way!

I’m off to spend some more quality time with my sewing machine… hopefully by tomorrow I’ll have some exciting, progress photos! Have a lovely, inspiring Saturday, my friends!

Cheers & Creativity,
Casey [ email me ]

p.s. Goodness… time is just flying by! But there are still a couple of days to get your request in if you’d like a Christmas card from me! Just drop me an email with your name and mailing address and I’ll be happy to pop one in the mail to you! Please don’t be shy!

It is a fact universally acknowledged, that I spend far too much time on Etsy

etsy goodies [ “how to be a lady” ]

wool cloche – mushroom
I love the folding and pleats on this cloche from Liza Reitz!

christine purse
Kelly’s bags are nothing short of lovely–and oh so perfect for the winter. Check out her brand-new shop!

francis dress
I love the fact that its got a ruffled collar and is in plaid. ‘Nuff said. From the talented Lean Animal.

See my previous week’s Etsy picks for more indie and handmade goodness!

Cheers & Creativity,
Casey [ email me ]

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