Hello and welcome to the Elegant Musings blog. My name is Casey and I’m a girl who has a fascination with anything old. A pack rat who collects the cast-off’s of another era. A student of fashion and modes. These have all combined into a driving force behind my creativity; a need to express my vision through my handcrafts. Using bits and pieces–something old, something new–I create clothing, plush and other accessories to beautify and add a bit of romantic elegance to your life.

Sewing and fashion are my first loves; there is not a time I cannot remember being inspired by this medium. My mother showed me basic hand stitching when I was very young, and by eight I was drafting patterns for my dolls. I learned to machine sew when I was ten (after much begging), and started to dabble in drafting patterns for myself using a few old books from the 1970s I could find at the local library. Being homeschooled (with an unschooling bent) allowed me quite a bit of freedom to devote to studying fashion and sewing, and in my last year of high school I apprenticed for a short time with Jennie Chancey of Sense and Sensibility. After graduation I floated around a bit, trying to soak up new ideas and techniques, occasionally taking a sewing class at a local fabric store. I am currently exploring the idea of renewal and refashioning old garments into something new and appealing to the modern woman with a flair for the romantic.

I am currently taking a semester off from college due to illness, but I have taken classes in Interior Design, Fine Arts, and Graphic Design (my major). I hope to graduate and be able to combine my love of fashion and need to create using my hands, with my degree.

If you would like to get in contact with me, please feel free to drop me an email! I am always more than happy to answer questions, inquiries about my products, or just to chat about the creative muses.

Cheers & wishes of inspiration,

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