05.01.08 {springish baubles | one}

Happy May Day, my dears! Hurrah for May! I love May more than any other springtime month… and it’s not just because my birthday is nestled in. hehe.

The weather and general excitement over the springishness is causing me to contemplate season-appropriate accessories. Rhiannon posted this beautiful photo a month ago. It’s been stuck in my mind ever since! I used to wear flowers in my hair occasionally, but during the wintertime I generally don’t–mostly because I think I’d look rather ridiculous traipsing through snow with a flower stuck in my hair! lol.

05.01.08 {springish baubles | five}

The other day I was in Michael’s during a routine “eraser-run” for my always-sketching sister, and spotted their single-stem florals were 50% off. So of course, having spotted some pretty silk flowers a few weeks ago (and not wanting to pay full price), I snatched up a few picks; two “gigantic” and a stem of small, red flowers. I snapped the heads off (eek! lol), was happy to discover that they actually glue together the layers of silk flowers now (so they don’t pop apart like they used to when you pulled the wire stems out), and trimmed down the plastic connectors.

05.01.08 {springish baubles | three}

[ its a snap! ]

I glued them all to clip-style barrettes (tip: open the barrettes before you glue the flowers on), and used hot glue to attach the flower heads to the barrettes. I know some people use oversized bobby pins instead of barrettes, but I’ve always had a hard time with those sliding out of my hair over time. For under $5, I have five floral barrettes to embellish my hair-do’s! I am definitely dying to wear the large flowers soon–they’re so dramatic! I think, however, I do need to make some in other than pink or red–I have a tendency to get “stuck” on just those hues when it comes to selecting flowers! hehe!

So, now that I’ve dragged you through the tutorial portion of this post, it’s time to get to what you really want to know: the winner of the giveaway! Using the age-old tradition of putting all the names in a bowl and pulling one out (I’m still so old-fashioned this way!), I found the winner…


Congrats!!! I think these little drawings are way too much fun; perhaps I’ll have another later this month. So keep your eyes peeled!

Have a lovely Thursday… I shall be back tomorrow with my weekly round up of links and other inspiration; and perhaps some reporting on the craft/creativity front!