03.31.08 {nifty thrift | tablecloth }

Nifty-thrift is a week-long tribute to my favorite pastime: hunting for old treasures! Feel free to join in on your own blog with photos and musings on uncovering a diamond in the rough. Or feel free to share your favorite “nifty-thrift” story in the comments–I’d love to hear it!

I think I gasped quite loudly when I found this tablecloth. It was sitting quietly folded in a pile of other vintage linens in one of my favorite thrift shops. Mom and I had been spending the day traveling from one thrift store to the next, rummaging. But this was without a doubt, my find of the day–no–possibly year. I had been searching for ages for a pretty, vintage table covering. And I felt more than satisfied and surprised by this little gem!

03.31.08 {nifty-thrift | colors!}

Just look at the colors! I think it must have been made for a card table, as it is the perfect-square size for just such a surface!

03.31.08 {nifty-thrift | embroidery}

My favorite is the gorgeous embroidery!! I daresay it’ll only come out on extra special occasions, but I look so forward to using it.


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