03.28.08 {polka-dot procrastination}

First things first: Today is the last day to sign up for the Creative Cacaphony Swap! Be sure to email me by this evening (with the information outlined here) so I can add you to the list. I’ve been quite surprised by the enthusiastic response–I think its going to be loads of fun!

03.28.08 {simplicity}

Alas, I still haven’t attached the ruffle to the dress. It’s turned out to be one of those weeks, where everything is just zooming by far to fast. hehe! Not that I mind, but I am definitely spending some serious time with my machine this weekend… once I finish leftover homework, that is! However, I have gotten some creating done! I checked out Bead Simple from the library yesterday (after Tricia posted a glowing review), and managed to try out a few things with my stash of vintage bits and bobs collecting dust. lol. I made this super-simple, but very pretty, necklace using some odd chain I had and about fifteen minutes of time while making dinner. I’m itching to try out a pair of earrings, or perhaps another necklace!

I must, unfortunately, keep this post short; I’ve got a to-do list nearly a mile long! hehe. Take care, my friends; enjoy the links and have a simply wonderful weekend!!!

03.28.08 {springtime skies - one}

such pretty, simple garments @ nooy [ via ]
how to properly rip out sewn seams
an artist we briefly talked about in Design History
to die-for vintage [ via ]
interview with Maira Kalman!
save polaroid. ‘nuff said
alana davis’s beautiful photography [ via ]


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