03.20.08 {bringing the 80s back}

[ my outfit yesterday that consisted of an alarmingly large number of vintage ’80s, thrifted pieces! ]

Happy Spring, my dears!!! Life has been such a flurry of activity lately. Yesterday I went on my first, proper retail shopping trip since my little experiment commenced in January. Though, I must say that it was for an entirely-allowable cause: footwear! My springtime shoe situation is a little pathetic, and despite my frequent thrifting, finding vintage shoes in my size (and a color/style that I like) is proving nigh impossible. lol. So I bought a pair of patent-leather dress shoes for the spring (I know, patent for spring? We shall see!), and lighted upon this delightfully 1930s-esque pair of heels for 70% off:

03.20.08 {new oxfords!}

Hooray!! Confession: after I took this photo, I kept them on all evening, whilst catching up with my emails and listening to The Shins (oh! how I love them!!). I am such a silly little someone! hehe.

There are so many, incredibly inspiring links this week! I hope you have a moment to look through them…

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03.21.08 {a little painting}

Have a utterly lovely weekend! For those of you that celebrate Easter, I hope you all have a beautiful day (and lots of yummy Easter candy… hehe!). I shall be back on Monday!


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