03.19.08 {creation sounds}

I have been plotting this for awhile, but the idea of organizing a swap was slightly intimidating! lol. However, the idea has persisted for well over four months (I know… talk about procrastinating!), so I suppose that means I must do something about it, huh? I would like to announce the first-ever (for this blog!) Creative Cacophony Swap! Read on for details…

03.19.08 {swap plotting}

Participants will create “mix tapes” (cd’s) of their favorite music that inspires the creative process. Music has played such a pivotal role in shaping my creative moods, and I am constantly tweaking and changing up my mix of favorites as the days pass. I always find it interesting to know what inspires other artists not only visually but acoustically as well! Interested in participating?

Here’s how: Email between now and next Friday (March 28) to sign up. Be sure to include your name, email address, blog/website (optional), and mailing address. Please be sure to note whether you are willing to ship your mix internationally.

Depending on how many people sign up, I’ll either match participants up individually, or in smallish groups (up to five people). You’ll create up to five mix cds of your “creative cacophony” to mail to other members of your group. Creative expression through the cd packaging is encouraged! All mix tapes will be mailed no later than May 2, 2008 (that gives you more than a month!! hehe!). I’ll email everyone more specifics once I have all the sign-ups.

So, if you think this sounds like fun (I know I do! lol), send me an email me with the required information by March 28.

03.19.08 {antique whites}

I hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday! I’m off to do a little reconstruction project…


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