03.12.08 {page one}

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I have been so inspired lately by everything around me. Books. Music. Textures. Flickr friends. Its kinda insane; my brain is on overdrive, and I feel I can’t pull the ideas out of my head fast enough before they become lost in the jumble!

03.12.08 {l'incomparable}

If you were to open my sketchbooks, you’d be more likely to find a mish-mash of pasted cut outs, technical drawings, letter-faces I sketch, and a jumble of other odds and ends than any fine art. (Which leads me once again to believe my art professor who told me I’d never be a fine artist–but was more suited to design. That is a whole ‘nother post though!)

03.12.08 {scribble, scribble}

I like to pick apart designs that intrigue me: be it fashion, architecture, interior design, photography, or type (just to name a few). Which is probably why I have taken to cutting out so many pictures and doing little doodles of basic ideas. It is the notes next to the images that is where I really start to think. Pattern schematics, measurements, variation ideas, trims, fabrications, paint colors, etc. come alive on the pages. The little cahier I brought home from the National Gallery trip last week has been earmarked for my latest slew of springtime fashion ideas and inspirations! Here is a wee peek at some of the pages I have been filling up:

03.12.08 {springtime lightness}

Yes, most of the images are from Anthropologie! I have a serious addiction, evidenced by over three years of catalogs I’ve saved:

03.12.08 {the massive collection!}

Quite, quite bad, don’t you think? *giggle*

And look what yummy-inspiring book arrived in the mail yesterday:

03.12.08 {claire}

I have been dying to get my hands on Claire McCardell by Kohle Yohannan for years. I was really sad to find out it was out of print, and both Amazon and Alibris were listing used copies at astronomical prices. So, after bidding on a couple copies over the past few months on Ebay (and loosing), I finally got one for less than $10!! Only thing that is “wrong” with it is the dust jacket is missing. But I hate dust jackets, so that isn’t a problem. lol. Now I have a whole book of inspiration from my favorite, American designer!! Hurrah!!!

03.12.08 {wide belts & shirtwaists}

03.12.08 {so modern}

Speaking in inspiring music, I have to share this new music I discovered yesterday evening while watching a pod on CurrentTV: Radical Face is just amazing. I love the sounds, the haunting sing-song style! I am dying to dow It fits in very nicely with the rest of my current creativity playlist.

I’m off to do some productive things with myself today. And wait around for my sweetheart to call. I got a surprise phone call late yesterday night from him; after three weeks of not hearing his voice it was so good. I got that silly, butterflies-in-the-tummy feeling when I picked up my phone and saw who it was! I’m still smiling today.

Have a lovely afternoon, my friends!!!


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p.s. I got my hair cut yesterday! Well, nothing too radical (I am somewhat loathe to loose the length!), but I got some longish “bangs” cut, which I think gives me a rather ’70s look; what do you think? (Ignore the fact that I look depressed in this photo… rofl!)