03.07.08 {goodies}

[ a new skirt from Frecklewonder in the background!! look at all the extra goodies too! ]

This is a super-duper quick post because I’m off to spend the day immersed in an art gallery! The reason for this trip is twofold: one, I need material for two gallery reports for my Design class; and I have never been to this particular gallery (more details later…). So I’m off to do some exploring, look at beautiful exhibits, and hopefully come back with lots of inspiration and sketches… er, I mean: homework! lol!!

Before going on to the Inspiration links for this week, I’d like to introduce you to a fantastic new blog: the Indie Wedding Guide! It is focused on “recycling, reusing, reducing” on your big day; making the event more about sustainable style. Its hosted by Gabreial of Vintage Indie and Emily of Eco Chic. Be sure to swing by a take a gander–even if you’re not planning a wedding!

03.07.08 {sensiblity!}

[ I love this… so sensible! ]

♥ inspiration [ twenty-nine ] ♥
 a small collection, but oh-so lovely!
 an engaging collection of vintage photos
 a blog on my favorite subject: typography!!
 dear birthday has a new collection up–totally inspiring
 I love this artful flickr photo album


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