03.06.08 {sneaking out}

I’m quickly poking my head in to say a big thank you to your dear comments about my dress, as well as the exam well-wishes!!! I have one more review before Spring Break “officially” starts, but otherwise, I think the most worrisome part is over. Though my hand still is sore from handwriting Tuesday’s Design History midterm that consisted of twelve pages of essay questions. Oh my!

I had grand plans to show you another sewing project I’m working on, or perhaps a wee peek at the backlog of thrifted treasures from the past month. But alas, my schedule is quite full this beautiful, sunny morning! So those will have to wait until later. Here is what my day is looking like:

03.06.08 {claw}

to do
+ work out
+ answer “business” emails
+ work on graphic design commissions
+ answer comments? *fingers crossed*
+ clean studio space (really needs to be done! lol!)
+ scan new images for VM features
+ catch up on blog reading
+ work on blog commission

03.06.08 {viens}

I hope you all are having a lovely day! I am enjoying this beautiful, spring-like weather we’ve been treated to in the Mid Atlantic! *dances* I managed to sneak out for a couple hours yesterday afternoon and snap some photos of the sun-filled towns nearby. Hooray!!!


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p.s. Have you seen the lovely, talented Emily’s news about Martha Stewart?! I can’t wait for that episode to air!!!