03.02.08 {close up of dress}

Just a quick note to pop in and say “hello!” to all my lovely friends! My apologies if I have been tardy in responding to comments or commenting on your blogs… I am in the throes of wrapping up midterms before Spring Break next week. (Hurrah!!!) So my mind has been on books and exams lately!

03.02.08 {black forest dress}

Remember this sneak peek last week? Here is the dress it became! I’m pleased as punch with how it came out, ‘cause I fell in love with the soft, windowpane plaid cotton when I spotted it. I was somewhat terrified that the dress would end up just being a sack, since it is so loose-fitting, but a belt remedies a thousand things. hehe! I modified the length and sleeves a bit, to make it more me. Click on any of the photos or my Burda Style page for more snippets of “technical sewing” details!

Here is the Vintage Monday (on Tuesday… but I had a test yesterday, so I hope I can be excused for the belated feature!) installment for this week! Another 1940’s inspiration! I love the dress on the left especially; the sweet bow and stripy fabric just seals the deal for me. hehe!

03.04.08 {inspiration monday}

Have a lovely week my sweet friends! I shall return around Thursday or Friday–hopefully in a much less distracted state! hehe!


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