02.25.08 {side view}

Thank you all for your sweetness regarding my “Ugly Duckling” dress!! hehe! I am happy to report that I wore it today, and quite liked how it looked. It is definitely a blank canvas in so many ways; I could liven it up quite a bit if I wanted with colorful accessories! But today, I was feeling a bit on the less is more side, and kept everything pretty simple (sort of like those Japanese craft books that I so admire!):

02.25.08 {the ugly duckling is really a beautiful swan...}

Reminds one a bit of Toast or Saltwater, don’t you think?

02.25.08 {back view}

I tend to go through cycles with my clothing. For awhile, I like to wear bright, happy colors; lots of layering and frilly things! But right now I’m enjoying a bit of a respite with my clothes. Dresses are very much in favor; especially the shift style. Subtle, neutral colors that rely more on surface pattern or texture than pops of color. I’m also wearing my beloved “ancient reproduction” earrings a lot more (simple, gold hoops). I think it is quite amusing in a sense to see myself go through these visual, aesthetic moods! I daresay my next move will be onto much brighter, girlish cuts and colors!! hehe!!

02.25.08 {the pattern}

I hope you all are having a lovely Monday–I was quite naughty and went thrifting today (I have a huge post I need to do on my latest adventures)! Here is this week’s bit of vintage to liven things up, and perhaps give you some visual inspiration!

02.25.08 {vintage monday... hooray!}

Enjoy your day (or evening… or morning, whichever the case may be!), my dears!!!

Cheers & Creativity,
Casey [ email me ]

p.s. Speaking of surface texture, have you seen the new lovelies over at Gibbous?! Yummy!!!