02.24.08 {utilitarian}

Oh my goodness… I was just rereading some of my posts over the last week and realized how dour and gloomy I sound! Away with the dull mood, I say!! Now we shall focus on happier, more whimsical things! hehe!

The title of this post refers to the dress I just finished sewing! It turned out… a bit different than I imagined. Not a disaster, but not a roaring success; its a bit of a odd-duck if you ask me! lol. I think part of it is the material I chose (a very light denim), and partially the pattern isn’t very well drafted (totally not my fault! hehe!). But I didn’t let that get me down–I just whipped out my collection of belts (I knew I had been hoarding them for a reason! hehe!) and found that when cinched in a bit, it looks quite cute (even if the sleeves are a wee bit longer than I envisioned–despite shortening them!). I shall eventually post pictures of me wearing this; but right now I have a horrendous red thing on my forehead, that I shall spare you all the horror of seeing!

02.24.08 {farmgirl dress}

Then I realized what this dress reminded me of as I observed it from various angles in the mirror… Rather like a dress I remember seeing in a National Geographic of an Eastern European farm worker back in the early 1990’s. I knew my childhood fascination with that part of the globe would resurface somehow one day! Oh my… and tying a scarf around my head didn’t help matters any… *giggle* Still though, I shall think of this “ugly duckling” dress as my work-a-day, serviceable number (perfect for art days). To whip out whenever I feel a bit (more than usually) eccentric! Ta-da!!

And here, are the inspiration links for this past week! They’re all gems, if you ask me!!

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Enjoy exploring the links and I hope you have a fabulous, creative day, my friends!

Cheers & Creativity,
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