02.21.08 {wrestling with pockets}

Built by Wendy! How I love and hate thee. Love because the clothes are always so simple, gorgeous and showcase the beautiful fabric. The hate is from all the dastardly ideas for sewing projects (that I probably don’t have the time/patience for) floating through my head. *sigh*

My favorites from the spring collection:

It is sad how much time I’ve wasted browsing these images, digging through my own pattern stash and scheming! lol. In other news, the dress I am making is coming along steadily, except for the pockets. I don’t know when I have been more on the fence about such an optional design feature. I changed the original patch-pockets to a shape I liked better. Decided I hated how they looked sewn on the dress. Ripped those off, cut out side-seam pockets. Decided I didn’t want to fool with doing that. So I think I’ve finally settled on doing a pseudo-seam/patch pocket thing (its complicated to explain, but looks nice). We’ll see how long that one lasts… Decisions!! hehe!

02.21.08 {gathering}

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p.s. Have you seen Mociun’s spring collection?! *swoon*