02.20.08 {hand basting}
[ the endless line of hand basting!]

The Lady of Shalott is one of my favorite poems, and I feel is somewhat appropriate considering the gloomy (and now snowy!) weather we’ve been experiencing! hehe! It is beginning to hit that time of the winter when I feel like we’ll be stuck in the rather chilled, gloom of late February forever. I know it isn’t true, but my rather drama-ridden imagination always tends to play out that everything will be like this for longer than it is! *sigh* I am trying my best to keep my days filled with bright, cheery things, hands busy, and mind engaged. But sometimes the grey of winter seems to creep into my bones, settles there, and make me a bit like Eeyore! Oh dear!!

I have been so neglectful of keeping up with this blog. My apologies, dears! The weekend just crept away from me at a frightening pace! The good news is that one of the things I’ve been super-duper busy with is some graphic design commissions! I feel rather bad because this means I’ve been neglecting my Shoppe… I’m not quite sure how everything is going to pan out with that. We shall see, shan’t we? I’m trying not to look too far into the future, because I tend to get “whelmed over” by the possibilities, twists and turns… And that doesn’t do anyone much good! hehe!

02.20.08 {summertime sweets}
[ a thrifted, vintage pattern that is causing me to contemplate new projects!! ]

I have settled into yet another sewing project! L. and I had a conversation when he was home over the weekend that went along the lines of how happy he was I wasn’t buying retail anymore (since he is quite privy to my appearance struggles), and is going to hold me to my resolve to thrift and make as much of my own clothing as possible! That made my little heart glow quite bright with happiness; knowing that he supports my “fancies” is a wonderful thing. So I pulled out this pattern (top of page) and started cutting out the lightweight, striped denim. I think it’ll make the perfect little dress to bridge the gap during that odd time of the late winter/early spring when the weather is unpredictable! Hurrah!

02.20.08 {pickings were slim}
[ vintage patterns–hooray!]

Speaking of sewing… I went to my favorite thrift shop today, and pickings were quite slim. But, I did unearth three vintage patterns; and at 25¢ each, I couldn’t pass them up. So, home they came with me!! I rather fancy that pretty top pattern… though not in eyelet (I’m not an “eyelet gal”). So despite the weather trying to ruin my trip (it began snowing right around the time I got there), I found a few goodies!

Before I forget, here is this weeks (quite belated) Vintage Monday feature!! From a “Vacation Number” 1947 McCall’s Pattern Book, this ad caught my eye. Why, you may ask? The clothes (especially the belt worn by the reclining model on the bottom) reminded me very much of Claire McCardell’s designs of this period! I love the simplicity of the lines… the beautiful blocks of color and texture. Yum!!

02.20.08 {late vintage monday!}
[ be sure to click for a larger view!! ]

I hope you all are having a lovely week… Oh, which reminds me I have a very special little something to show you that a reader kindly sent my way! I shall take some pictures of it when the sun peeks out of the clouds again… it needs to be photographed in glorious sunshine!

Cheers & Creativity,
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