02.14.08 {a valentine frock!}

[ the red frock I made–I appropriately wore it on Valentine’s Day! ]

I hope you all are having a smashing weekend! I meant to post this yesterday, as is the usual schedule, but the end of this week has turned out to be devoted to my sweetheart! hehe! He’s going to be away for a long while, so I’m trying to get in my “boyfriend time” before that happens.

the valentine's frock {another view}

Thank you bunches my sweet friends for your comments about my little Valentine’s frock (which I hadn’t shown in full here until now–its been on my Flickr for a few days though! Read more about it here) and the printable cards! I really need to do the latter more often; I enjoy designing up little stationary-type items from time-to-time and sharing them is the best way to spread the vintage joy!! I always feel so delighted to know that there are so many other people who are just as inspired and in-love with the old-fashioned graphics and illustrations as I am.

02.15.08 {vintage lace}

[ reusing an antique lace cuff on a modern top! I just pinned it in place for the day… ]

Anyhow, here are the inspiration links for this week! So much inspiration, but I do feel like its kind of whizzed right past me because I’ve been preoccupied with school and some graphic design commissions (hooray on the latter–not so much on the school! hehe!). Oh dear… must get my head out of the clouds a bit more next week, don’t you think? hehe.

♥ inspiration [ twenty-six ] ♥
 have you seen the yummy new clothes on Impulse’s Flickr?
 utilitarian bull dog clips used in decorating
 sally scott’s new collection [ via ]
 christina sitjo rubio’s compelling artwork
 super-duper quick mittens to make and keep your fingers warm!
 a lovely, new design/art/lifestyle blog
 clever patchwork-lid sewing basket to hold your sewing tools [ via ]

02.16.08 {fabric loot}

[ the fabric loot!! (with my prized posession: a 1960s Vogue pattern book!) ]

I snuck out to do a little fabric snooping (a.k.a. shopping) this afternoon, since so many of the stores were having President’s Day sales. I lucked out and found some gorgeous, neutral materials. Ooooh–I’m just twitching with ideas of what to make these up as!! Deliciously, springish frocks, methinks!

Hopefully I will return on Monday with a wee post, but if not, I’ll be back on my regular posting schedule by Wednesday. Have a lovely, fun-filled weekend, dears!!

Cheers & Creativity,
Casey [ email me ]