02.14.08 {valentine whimsy}

Happy Valentine’s Day, my dears!! Even if you don’t like the day for its romantic overtones, I do hope that you indulge in a little chocolate and perhaps some pampering. hehe! I have some plans for today; although the a bit of a damper has been put on the general mushiness of the day because I have an Algebra test! (How typical! lol!)

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, here are a few links to pretty web pages I’ve run across. Also, I’ve included a link to a downloadable, vintage Valentine I scanned and formatted. You can print off and share with your loved ones! I know its a wee bit late; I wanted to post it a few days ago but the week managed to get away from me. So alas, hopefully someone needs a last-minute card!

02.14.08 {step 8}

1920s Vintage Valentine

Download the .jpg file here. Print off on card stock or heavyweight photo paper and follow the assembly instructions. Write a sweet something in it for your loved one, and present to them (perhaps with some Hershey kisses or tickets to a movie!)!!

♥ valentine sweets ♥
 gorgeous, Victorian valentine gallery!
 a pretty, paper heart garland
 create a secret message-in-a-bottle for your sweetie
 more vintage valentine goodness!
 printable sheet of old fashioned valentines!

Have a lovely and sweet day, my friends!!!

Cheers & Creativity,
Casey [ email me ]