02.13.08 {icy skies}

[ the icy scene I awoke to this morning. ]

I was suddenly overcome with the intense desire to declutter and organize Monday. So I spent the better part of the afternoon pulling things out of corners, dusting (I’m always amazed at how quickly things get dusty!), and reshuffling. I feel much better now that at least I have the in-sight areas of my room neatish. Still need to tackle the clothes (I need to go through everything and decide what I really need to keep, and what I don’t), and the dreaded closet. Which isn’t actually that bad, but I do have a tendency to just shove things into the shelves and not think about it. (Out of sight, out of mind, you know! hehe!)

I had a big box of items I’m getting rid of on eBay, but I saved a couple things to offer here on my blog. They’re all on a first come, first serve basis. Just shoot me an email if you’d like any of these! All have been read, and may or may not have marks on the pages; but shouldn’t be anything terrible.

The Beautiful Fall: Lagerfeld, Saint Laurent, and Glorious Excess in 1970s Paris
by Alicia Drake
Price: $8.00 (includes shipping)

Personal Beauty
Reprint of an 1870s book. Quite amusing!
Price: $5.00 (includes shipping)

Principles of Home Decoration
Reprint of a 1903 tome on interior design and decor.
Price: $5.00 (includes shipping)

The American Frugal Housewife
Hardback reprint of a 1833 manual. Very pretty, and the cover design is quite “old fashioned”!
Price: $4.00 (includes shipping)

02.13.08 {sewing}

[ sewing away… ]

I daresay once I go through my closet, I’ll have some other goodies to offer as well… *sigh* I’m always rather shocked with how quickly I manage to accumulate so much stuff! I mean: one little person who has only been around for 22 years has quite a collection of various and sundry things. My biggest problem is thrifting. As much as I love doing my weekly (or most-weeks; its too icy today to venture out!) thrift-trip, it does tend to be a way that I get more stuff. I really am trying to be more picky… but sometimes its rather hard (like last week… which I shall blog about this weekend!!). lol!

02.13.08 {valentine dress}

02.13.08 {neckline close-up}

[ a sneak peek at the results of this morning’s sewing! ]

Up for today: studying, possibly painting, and the important task of making a Valentine’s Day card for my sweetheart… hehe!

Tomorrow I have an extra-special post of Valentine’s Day goodies, links and other whimsies! Stay tuned!

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