a pretty little nothing...

[ a pretty, vintage peignoir I thrifted recently! ]

I meant to post this earlier today, but despite my best intentions, this day has definitely been “one of those” Mondays! lol. I feel somewhat like Garfield, who preferred to sleep through Monday… if only! hehe! I’m playing catch up today, because L. was back home this weekend! I hadn’t seen or talked to him for a few weeks (aside from our constant stream of emails), so needless to say I pretty much avoided my computer between Saturday morning and now.

sporting the

It is quite frigid today… only in the low 20s! It seems so weird to think just last week it was pushing the low 70s, and today I’m bundled up and making lots of hot tea to stay warm (should I admit to the fact that I had four cups of tea before noon?! Oh my!!). Before it got so icy-cold, I did wear my “new” cardigan I refashioned! The pictures are a little odd, and I look rather serious (I was trying not to grin like an idiot! hehe!), but here I am sporting my revived cardigan!

my meditation time

I also have been working in snippets of time that I eke out on the Annabelle paperdoll. My fingers are slowly starting to remember how to paint, hold a brush comfortably, and manipulate the paints. Its so calming for me to just sit at my desk, perched on my stool and concentrating on the light washes of color as I build up shadows and depth. I can let my mind wander a bit, or just listen to music (Iron and Wine, Simon and Garfunkel, and The Be Good Tanyas are in heavy rotation these days)!

Thank you all so much again for your feedback last week on Vintage Monday features! I’ve uploaded the first one this week, which is the beaded necklace that I mentioned. I really want to try my hand at making one of these; if only because I think it would be a great way to use up the beads I’ve been collecting and hoarding for years! hehe. You can click on the image above, which is to the little preview image on my Flickr, or view and print off this large version! I wish I could offer it as a .pdf download, but alas–I only have Adobe Reader. So hopefully it isn’t too teeny-tiny when printed!

vintage monday... instructional!

Have a lovely Monday, my friends!! I’m off to do some cleaning and reorganizing in my room (my “early spring cleaning” fever has hit!)…

Cheers & Creativity,
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