02.09.08 {lovely}

02.09.08 {vintage lace}

The way life always twists and turns and brings your words back to haunt you amuses me. Remember that post I did on Wednesday about my intentions to try and stick to my goal of finishing one project before hopping onto the next? haha! Because late Thursday night inspiration struck, and I had to try out an idea I had for altering a garment I was about ready to Freecycle.

I totally blame Anthropologie for this momentary lapse of memory regarding “self-imposed rules”!

bland beginnings

[ the plain, rather boring “before”… excuse the bad lighting!! I took it at 10:30 at night… hehe! ]

cardigan refashion inspiration

I got the newest catalog of luscious, inspiring springtime garments in the mail the other day, and finally got around to looking through it more closely. I noticed this sweater, which bore a striking resemblance to a wrap I purchased at H&M back in 2006. I wore it to death that summer when I went to California, and then layered it a lot the following winter. But, I had gotten bored of the “blandness” of the material, not to mention I kinda hated the fact that it was so long and quite heavy. The fabric was always getting in the way or caught on things!

02.09.08 {much better}

So it was about ready to go out, but instead I grabbed my sewing shears, chopped 12” off either side. I found a pretty, vintage, machine-made lace in my stash, that was nice and wide and in good condition. I lined the scalloped edge along the cut edge of the cardigan, sewed a double line of very narrow zig-zag stitches, and trimmed the cardigan edge close to the stitching. Not only has it become something much more in tune with my wardrobe’s look, but its a lot lighter! lol!

002.09.08 {light play}

…Honest, it only took me about 45 minutes, tops. So it wasn’t too big of a lapse in sticking to my project-finishing rule…

Enjoy the Inspiration Friday links!! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

02.09.08 {butter cup}

[ a little something I picked up while thrifting today; more about that next week! ]

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