Thank you all so much for your input on Vintage Monday! There shall be a wee difference next Monday for a change!

Show and tell first:

02.05.08 {ellybeth neckwarmer 2}

This was a very quick knit–the perfect project for working on in spare moments during the afternoon and evening on Monday! I started a little after 3pm, and was finished up by 9! (And yes, that does include breaks!) The pattern is a modified version of Ellybeth’s “Pip-squeak Inspired” neck warmer pattern knit from a lovely terracotta-hued Cotton Ease (the photos on my Flickr have details of the changes; as does my Ravelry profile). I had been fingering the yarn for some time, and its on sale at Michael’s this week, so I decided to give it a try. So much silkier and drapey than many of the other cotton yarns I’ve worked with! Now I have the perfect multi-season cowl… hurrah!!

02.05.08 {ellybeth neckwarmer 3}

I’m trying so hard to keep focused on my current works-in-progress. But sometimes its rather difficult, you know? All the little fiddly bits at the end; a simple hem here, working a couple buttonholes, knitting ears on the elephant… Trying not to let the siren call of new fabric and “new” (really vintage) patterns lure me away from the tasks at hand! I’m so awful about bouncing from one project to another; one of my goals for this year it to try and limit myself to only a couple projects in each category at a time. I “have to” finish them before I can allow myself to start a new one. So far, it has been a helpful rule; I’ve finished more things this year already than I did in the first 6 months of 2007! But oh dear… I keep gazing on the lightweight denim that is waiting to be cut into a pretty dress… lol! And Ravelry… we shan’t get into the woeful amount of temptation this has proved to be!!

I’m off to do some art and knitting this afternoon… both of which I sorely need to do! But before I go, look at this little curiosity I spied in the yard this afternoon. Quite unusual considering its been so cold!!

02.06.08 {more of the winter anomaly}

Have a lovely, creative Wednesday, friends!

Cheers & Creativity,
Casey [ email me ]

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