02.04.08 {paints}

Watercolors! How I love thee! Let me count the ways…

Suffice to say right now I’m having a love affair… of the art supply sort, of course!! My brand-spankin’-new tube watercolors are so gorgeous an I’m quite entranced with how beautifully they mix and apply. I had forgotten what a joy it is to work with really high-quality materials (I admit it: I tend to buy “student grade” for a lot of my art-application classes, which means that at the end of the semester I don’t keep much of anything because its so cheap!). And oh! The color theory class I took waaay last spring is really starting to pay off… After consulting with Blaze about what colors she uses, I decided to go with the primaries (in warm and cool hues), black and white. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get the exact color I want, but I am not quite as afraid of mixing as I used to be.

02.04.08 {yummy new yarn}

[ nothing to do with watercolors… just some new knitting I’m eager to get started on! ]

And may I also be allowed a few sentences to wax poetic over my new paintbrush! I splurged and got a very, very nice, natural bristle liner, and am having a ball using it. It holds the point so much nicer than even the natural bristle brushes I’ve bought at Michael’s over the years. I definitely know what I’m saving my pennies for!

Enough art-supply obsessing. I’m sure I’ve bored the majority of you to death! lol! Here is this week’s Vintage Monday inspiration. Again, it’s the 1840s (I promise we’ll move onto another decade next week!!), but I just love the lines of these garments… so elegant!!

02.04.08 {vintage monday}

I need an opinion about the Vintage Monday feature. I know everyone loves the pretty, vintage fashion images. But would anyone be interested in occasionally (maybe once-a-month at most) having a “how-to” article from a vintage source posted? I have loads of needlework and craft instructions from the ‘20s and ‘30s, and would be more than happy to share them! (Some are really quite interesting: like weaving your own bird cage, or knitting a long, flapperesque necklace!!) Please comment and let me know your opinion…

Off to get into some sort of creative trouble or another! Have a lovely Monday, my friends!

Cheers & Creativity,
Casey [ email me ]