vintage fashion inspiration... old school {1}

I promised you all I would show you my latest book treasures, didn’t I? One I thrifted the other day, and the other came via eBay; but both are about vintage clothing!! (I first want to apologize for the appalling quality on some of the photos of the books; my camera does not like taking photos of black and white photos! hehe!)

vintage fashion inspiration... old school {3}

vintage fashion inspiration... old school {5}
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The first is Vintage Chic by Harriet Love (1982), which I found at the thrift store for $1. More of a book about sourcing vintage clothing (which is making me drool over the still-wide selection of vintage on the market then!), it has some lovely pictures and suggestions for incorporating vintage into your wardrobe. The text is peppered with loads of black and white photos of vintage clothing being worn in fun and creative ways. I love the fact that over 25 years after publication, self-expression through clothing is more acceptable than ever before, and some of the looks are still very contemporary (at least for me; but then I tend to favor the ‘80s romantic look a wee bit!).

vintage fashion inspiration... old school {7}

vintage fashion inspiration... old school {8}
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The second treasure is probably my hands-down favorite of the two. I have to thank the lovely Tara who posted about The Yestermorrow Clothes Book (Diana Funaro, 1976) recently. I rarely am subject to impulse buys in the book department, but after seeing the beautiful photos Tara posted, I had to have this book!! hehe! While it talks a bit about acquiring vintage garments for your wardrobe (a “few dollars” for a thrifted ‘40s dress?! If only it were still true! lol.), most of the book is devoted to alteration of your vintage finds. I love the whole “diy” vibe of this book; and am already finding much of the advice for revamping or repurposing a piece of clothing quite valuable. Things like: recutting a sweater, different ways to take shoulders in (taking in extended, ‘80s shoulders anyone?), and even making garments from other textiles. Very, very fun!!

One of the things I really appreciate about both books is making the idea of wearing vintage attainable. So many of the contemporary books I’ve read on the subject spend a lot of time talking about how hard it is to find pieces, how to bid successfully on eBay, and buying only perfect designer garments. While there is a place for all these, frankly most of the time I want creative ideas for how to beautifully incorporate vintage into my daily life, as well as repair and refashion pieces that are less-than-perfect!

02.03.08 working {1}

[ working on my sketchbook this afternoon… ]

I’m now thinking of new ways to thrift–since many of these concepts extend to thrifted garments too. Being a bit more adventurous when I come across a “damaged” garment, or something whose style I don’t fully like. Although I do a little bit of refashioning now, it helps to push my boundaries a bit more–and be more willing to actually do the work involved. And what better year for me to start?

02.03.08 spring wardrobe planning {2}

[ spring wardrobe planning!! ]

Hope you are having a lovely, creative weekend!! I’m off to break out my new watercolors and do a wee bit of painting (before I must work on the dreaded Algebra homework…).

Cheers & Creativity,
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