a bright spot to the day!

I can hardly believe its February already! Wait. Don’t I say this every month?! Oh dear… Suffice to say, I feel like 2008 is already going far too fast for lil ol’ me to keep up! hehe!

I have had some lovely surprises this week; I feel so blessed by all the nice people I’ve gotten to “meet” through blogging! First, Laura and Vasiliisa awarded me the sweet “You Make My Day” blog award! Thank you both so much!! There are a couple rules for this award: Give the award to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about blogland. Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so they can pass it on. Beware you may get the award several times. Oh dear… how ever am I to choose just ten?! If I could nominate my entire blogroll I would! You all are such gems and I love each and every one of your creative, thoughtful and lovely blogs!

Vanessa, Marjorie, Blaze, Tricia, Julie, Kate, Anna, Ysolda, Martha, Christine.

inside the locket

I received a darling package from the lovely Sarah. She was doing a giveaway last week on her blog, and I won! *dances* Thank you so much, Sarah! Its a pretty locket with two miniature “portraits” inside from her gorgeous artwork. I’m so tickled and can’t wait to wear it! Which, of course I did today! Not quite the spring-ish outfit I had envisioned, but alas! The weather continues to conspire against me, despite my earnest pleas for spring to hurry up.

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I made a trip to the nice art store today (not one of the art/craft/hobby mega stores). I have been needing to make my annual visit there for months; just to browse and take in the beautiful supplies, drool over the mediums I want to try, and be tempted by the vast array of papers! More importantly: replenishing my depleted watercolors with some new, vibrant hues for some artwork I’m in the midst of! And I also purchased a block of Arches hot press watercolor paper; something I’ve needed/wanted for ages! Hooray!! Now I just need to get over my “new art supplies–eeek!” fear. hehe.

Have a lovely, super-duper creative and inspired weekend, my dears!

Cheers & Creativity,
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