really. it can't be that bad!

[ really. it can’t be that bad! I seriously do not know the cause of the look on my face… another shot of my outfit is here ]

I try to thrift once-a-week, and today was my Thrift Day. I usually try and visit three to four shops and spend time going through every nook and cranny (really… I’m quite mad when it comes to this!). Its been a bit sparse in the stores the past month, but today I visited one that I haven’t been to since early December. And I hit gold!! Not much in the clothing department, but vintage patterns:

vintage sewing patterns 01

Only 25¢ each! Better yet, I had just been looking at similar patterns on Ebay, and had a sneaking suspicion to wait to bid until after I had done some thrifting. I declare… I’m starting to think that those of us that are ardent thrifters have a “thrifter’s sense”! (Seriously… have you been seeing all the other, amazing goodies people are finding?!)

vintage sewing patterns 02

These are a few I’m thinking I’ll bump to the top of my “sew for a summer wardrobe” list. Conveniently they’re all in my size-range too, which makes me a happy camper. Although I don’t mind grading patterns, it does make it a bit less of a long-drawn-out project if I can skip it! hehe!

must sew

I hope everyone is having a splendid Wednesday, my lovelies! Off to glance through my treasures a bit more and look at some books I picked up as well (more about one of those later)…

Cheers & Creativity,
Casey [ email me ]

p.s. Have you glanced at the Spring preview for Interweave Knits?? I usually don’t buy knitting magazines, but I think I’m simply going to have to splurge on this one… I want to knit about half the things! Eeep!