graphic design commission for VI

Thank you all for your sweet encouragement and sharing in the excitement at my “super-secret” graphic design comission! I was approached about a month ago by the ever lovely G. of Vintage Indie about doing a banner redesign for the blog. I was delighted to do this: it is just the sort of thing to use what I’ve learned in all the graphic design classes I’ve been taking for the past two years! She unveiled it on Saturday, so now I can share it with you all.

*dances about*

an explosion of pink!

Besides working away on that, I’ve been sewing… again. I think its the time of year; for some reason I simply cannot get enough sewing! I found some pretty-ish cotton at JoAnn’s the other day, and started work on one of my vintage dress patterns. (Is it just me or does this stripy pattern remind one of Marjorie’s delightful patterns in her artwork?) Of course, I needed to spend time doing the requisite adjustments (drat!), but it is turning out rather fetching, I think! I fancy myself wearing it come May, with one of my lacy slips peeking out, and maybe a flower tucked in my hair? Still needs a hem, but almost there–though it is far too cold to be wearing a short-sleeved frock!

such sweetness...

I’m off to do some knitting on that wee elephant I’ve been slowing working on. I need to finish it asap too… the little girl its for is coming home soon! Eeep! Have a lovely evening!

Cheers & Creativity,
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