There are so many posts and things I want to say right now. They’re all frightfully jumbled in my head; and lately I’ve noticed I “mentally dictate” the best ones when I’m not near my computer! Not only do my best, creative project ideas come when I’m in the shower–but so does writing! Alas, I think the water must get in my ears and wash away the thoughts in my head… because the inspired words are usually gone when I sit down to write. *sigh*

All that to say I’m keeping this post shortish because I’m in the midst of a graphic design commission! I’m so excited about the project, but right now it’s quite under wraps… I’ll let you all know once its finished. Right now its off to “work” (quite delightfully fun work though!) for me, so here is the list of Inspiration Friday links!!

inspiration [ twenty-three ]
a beautiful example of when minimalist art inspires fashion
gala’s list of jobs for the “creative soul”
a pretty idea for a camera cozy!
tips on interfacing for sewing projects fearlessly
I so want to knit a scarf entirely of this pattern… [ via ]
I plan on making at least a couple of these to take when shopping!
old bits and bobs remade into a stunning accessory
sarai’s vintage pattern directory–hooray!! [ via ]
a quick and clever ironing board cover! [ via ]

I will hopefully return late this weekend with something of more interest to show or discuss (perhaps I’ll serendipitously be in front of my computer when an inspired post idea hits?!). Have a lovely weekend, my dears!!

Cheers & Creativity,
Casey [ email me ]