I feel like a hippie in this...

Ooops… it seems I quite dropped off the face of the internet for a stretch of days, doesn’t it? Oh dear!! lol. In all actuality, fabric pirates did not kidnap me, nor did I wander aimlessly into an antique store and get lost forever! Rather some personal stuff came up during the weekend; namely L. having an extra day of leave (quite unexpected!), and I decided to just spend those last couple days with him. So please excuse the complete and utter lack of posting from this quarter!!

ignore the goofy grin!!

I have been a busy, busy gal, and been up to much creative mischief-making! The green skirt I showed last week is still unfinished (need to find buttonhole twist of the appropriate color, since I got it into my head to handwork the buttonholes on this one, and the decision can’t be undone now!), but I did whip up a deliciously warm and elegant corduroy wrap version. I found just the right amount of fabric in the clearance aisle at JoAnn’s, and it was such a lovely black herringbone weave that I couldn’t say no (especially at $1.50/yard). So home it came and soon was washed up and cut out into a lovely, full-length skirt (or “dress” as L. liked to tease me about the quantity of fabric it requires). I’ve worn it two days in a row, and can say that I forgot how lovely, toasty-warm a long skirt can keep one in the dead of winter! Plus, it gives me the impression of being a bohemian artist-type, which is always fun to play up. hehe!

a new cap!
new cap (+ looking quite imperious! eeek!)

My knitting needles have been busily clacking away as well… Sunday morning I quickly whipped up Ysolda’s “Urchin” cap using some leftover, bright strawberry smoothie pink yarn (I know, an odd way to characterize a color, but that is what it reminds me of!). I’m quite smitten with its geometric shape, and the fact that it stays on my head very nicely (I wore it most of yesterday because I was scurrying back and forth so much). Now I’m working on Ysolda’s “Elijah” elephant out of the loveliest, soft pink yarn! Its a gift for my Pastor and his wife’s new, baby girl. I figure little ones can never have too many squishy, fuzzy toys to drag around. This project is taking a bit longer, if only because it uses a quantity of double-pointed-needles, which can be a little fiddly and cumbersome (at least for me!).

So… I have lots more to report, but for the sake of not boring you all, I will close here with the belated Vintage Monday feature. I must be off to reply to all the lovely emails and comments that have popped up in my inbox over the last week (thank you all for your sweetness!! I’m trying to reply to all your communications, but its taking me awhile!). Eeep!!

vintage monday goodies!!

[ click on the image for a larger view and description! ]

Until my next post, stay snuggly-warm if its cold where you are, dears!!

Cheers & Creativity,
Casey [ email me ]