the green skirt - unhemmed.

What originally was supposed to just be cutting out the skirt turned into an evening spent sewing! Somehow, that happens more often than not… hehe! There was a minor hiccup at the outset though: I was about 1/2 yard short for the wrap skirt. So after some pondering (and going through my pattern boxes to see if there was anything else that suited the weight of this wool), I decided to just eliminate the back wrap. An easy adjustment, that preserved the elegantly-curved waistband that drew me to this pattern. It is deliciously warm and delightfully bright… just what I need to chase away the winter blues! (Still needs a hem, but I need to procure some hem tape.)

I’m rather put out right now because I can’t ink my little w.i.p. that I showed the other day. My favorite inking pen is all used up, and although I purchased another recently, I came home to find the tip bent and dried out!! What use is a dried-up pen?! lol. But because of the snow yesterday (and rather treacherous conditions on the road period), I haven’t been able to get out and procure another pen. Miss. A. is waiting rather impatiently to be inked. She keeps making little comments whenever I catch sight of her. I’m sure its rather vexing being in such a state of uncertainty!


I must away… I’ve got a long laundry list of things to finish before L. and I go on an ice skating date!! Hooray!! Have a lovely weekend!

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p.s. I just wanted to say thank you to G. for the lovely interview up at Vintage Indie today!!