snow days

Outside there is a beautiful thing happening. A wintry, white shroud has enveloped everything… it is making the two trees outside my windows look like something from a fairytale! Although I don’t do well with the cold, this is the one thing I love about winter: snow! Thank you all for your sweet, school well-wishes!! My one “real” class (the other is self-paced, so I only have to check in once-a-week), History of Design, is going to be a challenge, but one I think I can do! The book is humongous… I’m really going to have to employ my best speed reading and highlighting skills! hehe!

Yesterday afternoon I went on my weekly foray to thrift shop, and ended getting waylaid at my favorite vintage clothing store! Honestly, I did not intend to even step foot in there… but something just pulled me in! lol. I was delighted to find the owner of the vintage garment space bustling about. She is one of the most delightful and enthusiastic people I know, and I always enjoy visiting while shopping! She was in the midst of restocking, which I took full advantage of! hehe! As fate would have it, in a moment of supreme forgetfulness on my part, I didn’t have the gift certificate I got for Christmas with me, so I satisfied my vintage longing with something small. But this little trifle is very chic, don’t you think?

my most recent aquisition  a bit blurry, but...

I have a couple other vintage hats that I uncovered at rummage sales past, but they haven’t really been worn. Which is a shame because I love hats; they add such flair to any outfit! But the one doesn’t sit well on my head, and the other is brown… which really isn’t a color I wear a lot of (especially on my head… it sort of blends in!!). So I’m on the hunt this year to find more vintage whimsies to incorporate into my little collection: silly hats, “everyday” hats, winter hats, fur hats, spring hats, wide-brimmed sun hats… I’d really love to find a little, tiny, fascinator… perhaps with something sparkly and a long feather? (Tricia has sported one that I am quite covetous of!) Do you ever wear hats or have a collection of them? Anyone have some good hat links that they’d care to share?

more vintage hats

Well, I’m off to get some work done… the snow is making me want to curl up with TCM and my knitting! hehe! But, I must be a good girl… and do some work and then perhaps make time to cut out a skirt from this gorgeous piece of teal wool I purchased recently:


Have a lovely afternoon!!

Cheers & Creativity,
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