self portrait 01 2008

Wow… I am utterly speechless at your generous, sweet, and encouraging words after my last post!! I worried for so many months (I’ve been writing that post since late October) about how to put everything that has been percolating in my head. My biggest concern was addressing the eating disorder; I didn’t know the best way to simply say it. I am so humbled and thankful for your kindness… I had a tears in my eyes when I opened up my email to find my inbox flooded with your comments. (My sincerest apologies that I cannot respond to each one individually… but please know that I appreciate your reaching out from the bottom of my heart!) I wish I could give you all a big hug!!


And thank you too for the wonderful feedback on the sweater revamp! I had lots and lots of fun reworking it and adding the new trim–probably too much fun! lol! It just goes to remind me that even a little bit of something here or there can do wonders on an old standby (or in this case, a rather plain-Jane basic)! One just has to be willing to open your imagination to the endless ideas and possibilities. Allow them to flood in, fill your mind up, get excited! Never to dismiss something because it doesn’t fit “convention” or seems too hard or outlandish; no idea is ever totally useless!! Even years later I go back through my sketchbooks, and sometimes ideas that I didn’t use then strike a chord now! One never knows where the next bit of imagination will hit…

wonderland balloon print

Speaking of inspiration, I have been busy at work on my latest art print!! I’ve been working on this piece for about a month now (off and on, of course!), and am happy to announce that I just got the beautiful prints back, and they are now listed in the Shoppe. Please hop on over to take a peek at the Wonderland Balloon print!

Finally, I’ll leave you with a list of Inspiration Friday links. The internet has been abuzz with some lovely ideas recently–my mind is just spinning with possibilities! Enjoy and have a lovely, restful, and creative weekend my friends!

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Cheers & Creativity,
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