to sleep, perchance to dream...

Happy New Year! I know… a wee bit late; but I have to admit it feels like the changing of the year snuck up on me! The time between Christmas and New Year was chock full of little events, get-togethers, working on Shoppe goodies, and spending time with my family. What a lovely–albeit exhausting–time I had!

… but I don’t want to bore you with the Post of the Century. So I shall try to keep brief the events that happened since I started my blogging break! (I know, I know… it’ll be a miracle if I do; I tend to ramble!!)

Christmas was absolutely lovely; I relaxed all day!! Its funny, but Christmas has really stopped being about what I get–I love watching other people open gifts and see the joy on their faces! I managed to keep about 50% of my gifts handmade (either by me, or one of the fabulous artisans on Etsy), which was a bit hard since I had new people to purchase for (L. and his family), and my father: who is notoriously hard to figure gifts for! I was delighted that I received many of the items I had requested on my Etsy wish list; including this gorgeous pair of earrings from Pear22:

the color of robin's eggs

The highlight, however, was the two books my parents gave me. One was the hefty, perfect-for-the-coffee-table Poiret book from the MET exhibit. I’ve been slowly paging through, reliving my wonder and inspiration over seeing these garments in person during my trip this summer to NYC. They also gave me Amy Butler’s Midwest Modern, which I have been unable to stop looking through and soaking up the philosophy of Amy’s amazing design and house! Mom and I keep snatching it from each other–we can’t get enough! lol.

little stack

The days leading up to New Year’s were hectic and full. Between various social commitments and realizing I had a deadline fast approaching, I panicked a wee bit. After a talk with L., who reasoned the whole thing out with me (whatever would I do without him?!), I spent as much time as I could working, creating, brainstorming, and redesigning packaging (to better reflect the aesthetic direction my website has taken). Once I got into the work groove, it was fun (albeit, exhausting!)!! Oh, and some new music helped too: The Shepherd’s Dog (Iron and Wine) and Chinatown (The Be Good Tanyas) have been my soundtrack and source of inspiration the last week.

more goodies!

Must be off… I’m playing nurse to my poor L. this week. I’m quite loving the feeling of being needed and useful to someone (and I think he’s loving all the attention coming from me)! Have a lovely afternoon my dears!

Cheers & Creativity,
Casey [ email me ]