first update of the new year!!! ::

The Shoppe has been updated with all manner of cuteness! A bit of a mix of seasonal, plaid and Valentine’s Day; I’ve been so excited about all these goodies–its been excessively hard keeping it under wraps!

And… *drumroll* The Heartstrings art print is now available for sale! This is perhaps my favorite item in the whole update; having prints made of my artwork has long been a dream that I thought would never happen. Just goes to show me that wishes can come true!

Finally, I’m the featured advertiser over at the always-lovely Vintage Indie this month! Do go check the blog out if you haven’t… its always a fun read. I have another tittle of Shoppe news, but that will be a wee secret for just a couple days more.

Cheers & Creativity,
Casey [ email me ]