random photo...

[ a random picture of a new vintage sewing pattern acquisition! ]

Despite my best laid plans for returning to blogging today, I decided that I needed to be on a blogging break until after the first of the year. Why, you ask? Well, between the craziness that is the holidays, and the many things brewing in the Elegant Musings studio, I’ve had to make some decisions about what is optional and what isn’t. Blogging (sadly) fell into the former category. I have loads to tell you, but no time to sit and write them!! So, my dears, I’ll be posting a wee Shoppe announcement in a few days, but besides that, it’ll be quiet in my little corner…

…until January 4, 2008, that is! Then the real fun begins… Lets just say it involves much cuteness and artwork

Wishing you a Happy New Year!!!

Cheers & Creativity,
Casey [ email me ]