a surprise bouquet

The past three days have been an incredible blessing to me–just what I needed to get the holidays really started out right! Warning: I will gush for the remainder of this paragraph! It started Saturday when L. made a surprise visit! He’d been gone since the beginning of the month, and we’d really only been able to email each other for the past two weeks; according to his schedule we wouldn’t have seen each other until the end of this week. That was, until he got an extra 24 hours of shore leave and suddenly was at my front door, in his dress blues (he looked mighty fine, I might add!), with a bouquet of roses and a lily for me!! Of course, this is all without telling me that he was coming or had the extra time… so I think the first words out of my mouth were something along the lines of scolding him for coming up (because I figured he’d have to turn right back around and make the 4+ hour drive back!). lol. I wasn’t mad for very long though… and it felt like Christmas came a wee bit early! (End of gushing!)

little pink mugs

Yesterday I met up with my friends Jenny-Rose and her sister. We hadn’t seen each other in awhile–since last December! So we met at a Starbucks, got our drinks of choice, and then proceeded to gab for nearly four hours! So much to catch up on… so much to say… I really don’t feel like we even began to cover everything that has gone on. But it was good to see them again, and have some good “girl friend chat-time”. Afterwards, since traffic was so bad (its nearly Christmas after all!), I decided to kill some time and stop by Anthropologie… because you know I just had to! I came away with these four pink mugs and a pale pink glass knob for my closet door. All for the grand sum of $3.75… because I had about $10 left on a gift card from last Christmas. Hooray for Anthropologie sales!

catch hold of it if you can

I have been drawing, scheming, cutting out, stitching, and dreaming up all the new goodies I’m making for the Shoppe. And putting together some little Christmas gifts for friends:

star bright, star light...

I dreamed these little stars up late last week and managed to have my act together enough to photograph all the steps as I went along! (Is that a gasp of shock and surprise I hear?! lol!!) So the tutorial will be going up tomorrow; perfect for very last minute holiday decoration-making! What I’m most excited about with this project is the endless variations of decorations and the like… the more versatile, the better in my book!

Oh, and if you requested a Christmas postcard, I sent the first batch out yesterday… so keep an eye on your mailbox! I hope you all are having a lovely Tuesday!

Cheers & Creativity,
Casey [ email me ]