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vintage monday [ week twelve ] ::
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This week’s Vintage Monday feature is from 1871; a page of ladies’ bodices and cloaks, and a young girl’s bustled dress. I particularly love the young lady’s outfit; it reminds me of something Alice might have worn. lol! But what I wanted to point out on this page is the edge details on the pieces pictured. Earlier styles and eras seemed to have had a penchant for decorating the edges of their garments with lace, ruching, ruffles and fringe! Some of them more elaborate than others; the polonaised bodice on the lower left corner has wide lace, and narrow lace, separated by a band of ribbon (I love that look!). I have a bodice from this era with similar trimmings, and it is quite something to look at! How would you incorporate a antique, edging detail into modern wear?

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