christmas tree

I woke up at 10am this morning… It is a funny feeling to wake up so late–especially when I’m used to be up at least two hours earlier. I keep looking at the clock expecting it to not be so late! hehe. Ahh… this is probably a good thing; it forces me to take a bit of a chill pill today, just go with the flow. Oh, and putting on some good jazz for background music helps too. Jazz–mostly of the Glenn Miller, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday type–is on heavy rotation these days. I usually listen to music all day long, but I find that during the colder months I listen to a lot more swing and jazz. I think because it makes me feel warm and fuzzy; like I want to don a big sweater and curl up in a chair with a cup of hot something-or-the-other and just enjoy life.

almost finished!!

Yesterday evening I finished all the voile cockades and attaching yarn pom poms to the glittered snowflakes. So my swap ornaments are almost done! Hooray!! I just need to add the red ribbons for hanging and package them. Which reminds me…

all lined up...

I’m going to do a little Holiday Giveaway!! I’ll be giving away two little packages of goodies: an ornament, a packet of 10 of my Christmas postcards, all wrapped up like a little gift! So, if you’d like to be entered, please drop me an email by Thursday at 9pm (Eastern time), and I’ll randomly draw two names. I’ll post them Friday so hopefully the winners will get them by Christmas! Anyone is welcome to enter–don’t let living outside the US stop you; shipping overseas is no problem! Good luck!!

Have a lovely, warm and snuggly Tuesday!!

Cheers & Creativity,
Casey [ email me ]