This Monday I pondered whether to do another of my beloved 1840’s prints, but I decided to move forward half a century instead! Variety is the spice of Vintage Mondays, right? (Or something like that! lol.)

vintage monday [ week eleven ] ::

It is a well-documented fact I love early 20th century children’s fashions; they are so much more intricate and meticulous than modern day children’s wear. (Yet one has to imagine how hard it was to wash these garments and keep them clean!) So here is a page from a 1907 magazine portraying clothing for children from tots to teenage girls. Just look at all the little tucks, insertions and ruffles! I think my favorites are the young child’s coat set (top, left center) and the young woman’s two-piece ensemble (bottom right). I especially love the geometric plaid trim rotated on the bias on the young lady’s outfit. Hmm… I see a trend forming–didn’t I like something last week that was plaid on the diagonal?

Hope you are having a lovely, inspired morning! I’ll be back later with lots more!

Cheers & Creativity,
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