gloomy days call for pink sweaters...

[ Gloomy days call for bright, pink sweaters! ]

Discovering new things about yourself is a good thing, especially when it falls into the category of learning what you can’t do or handle. The thought behind this, so I’m told, is to avoid the particular action/thought/feeling that causes this adverse ending. However, some people, including your devoted blogger, don’t seem to get this until she’s been banged thoroughly over the head a few times with some sense! Case in point: I learned two, valuable things about myself over the weekend that I thought I had gotten before. Firstly, that Casey does not look good in styles that do not have some waist definition and do not possess a belt or sash. Secondly, and far more important, slicing and dicing patterns at this point is mainly a hobby–and unless some serious revelation in patience comes in the next few decades, will remain just that. Something I dabble in.

Yes, dear readers, the plaid dress I showed off last week and was so excited about now sits in my Scrap Heap. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has ever attempted a project (sewing or otherwise), felt so sure about it, only to have it crash and burn horribly in the end. At least I hope I’m not!! lol. So for my sanity and the sake of keeping this blog a generally happy place, I shall henceforth stick to pre-drafted sewing patterns, garment alterations (still got the “slicing and dicing” element!), and occasionally draping a garment. Things that I know I can do without wanting to tear my hair out. lol!

cloud pin

Anyway, onto more happy and wonderful things! First off, I had to share an absolute miracle that happened today at the Post Office! (And I couldn’t help but think of Laura who had a similar, “Post Office Miracle” recently!) I went there this afternoon, with much trepidation at the holiday bustle and lines, secretly wishing I had gotten my act together and gone there first thing in the morning! But what did my wondering eyes behold?! I got through both the self-serve package kiosk and standing in line for postcard stamps in less than 10 minutes total. Golly, my trip to the library afterwards took longer! This makes me a very happy gal indeed!

And look at all the goodies the postman has been leaving for me lately:

rabbit ring

A super-duper cute white rabbit ring from the lovely Meg at Vienna Horses. And she included that adorable cloud pin as a little “make up” for the long shipping time (which wasn’t that long at all!).

a new ornament!!

Another Christmas ornament in the swap! Eeeep! I love this one so much! Anne made an ornament with a scrap of a map that shows my neck of the woods in Virginia! I mean, how thoughtful is that?! Thank you heaps, Anne! (If you’re reading this!) So now it proudly hangs on my tree!

Lastly, before this post becomes an overly-wordy behemoth: I’m have a wee special over at the Shoppe! From now until Wednesday shipping is free on both domestic and international orders! Be sure to take advantage of this discount while it lasts. Perhaps a little last minute shopping or a treat for yourself?

hanging on my tree

I’m off to keep chipping away at my to-do list some more. Is it just me but are Mondays sometimes the hardest to get “back into the swing of things”? You’d think two days off wouldn’t mess one up so much! hehe! Have a lovely, creative day, my friends!!

Cheers & Creativity,
Casey [ email me ]

p.s. Today is the last call if you’d like to get a Christmas card from me!! Be sure to drop me an email with your name and address if you’d like to get one; I’ll be posting them later this week. Please don’t be shy–anyone is welcome to request one!