the trio

Thank you all so much for your sweet and encouraging comments about yesterday’s post! I’m glad I’m not the only one who is more than a little miffed at the lack of variety, good fit, and quality offered by mass retailers! It’ll be interesting to see if I actually can stick to this, because time seems to be at an absolute premium right now! I’ll post more on this in a few days… I’ve been finding some great blog posts on the topic and want to share some more thoughts that have been percolating!

shoppe update!

But before I go any further: the Shoppe has been updated! I added a ton of new, wintry goodies: more polar bears, two limited edition ornaments, another of the wildly popular totes, and (drumroll please) a couple of Wintertime Squirrels in Scarves! Many of these items are limited quantity, so once they’re gone, that’s it. So if you’d like to snatch something as a gift–or a treat for yourself–hurry! Please see the note in my Shoppe about shipping. And remember: today is the last day that all purchases made before 11:59pm (Eastern time) will be entered for a special, one-of-a-kind giveaway prize!

pom pom fun!

I’ve been trying to spend some time working in the evenings on the ornaments for the Swap. These have been a bit frustrating, to say the least–mostly because my initial ideas were a bit too elaborate considering how crazy-busy this time of year is! When I switched over to the glittery snowflakes, I have really no clear idea of how I wanted to embellish them… its definitely been a “organic” process; slowly evolving over time. I really like how they’re turning out though–I think I finally hit on the direction I want to take the design. I spent yesterday evening making a wee pile of yarn pom poms from the leftover red wool I knit my beret with. I love handmade pom poms–they just have so much more character than the store bought variety! And the wool content makes them even nice, in my opinion. lol. I guess its silly to get so excited about a pom pom–I guess that makes me a bigger handcraft geek than I thought! haha!

So, anyway, now I just need to finish up a bunch more of these little snowflakes (who are continually having little blizzards of silvery glitter all over my workspace!). Add red ribbons for hanging and ship them off to their new homes! Oh, and I’ll also be giving one away here as well–so stay tuned!!

the red pom poms

Well, I’m off to relax for the afternoon. Er, nix that. More like work on a new project that has been bugging me late at night! lol. I just can’t sit still, I guess! I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!!

Cheers & Creativity,
Casey [ email me ]

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