snow day
the snowy scene I awoke to this morning!

Despite my rather snarky aside regarding Ebay in yesterday’s post, where did I find myself late yesterday evening? Yes, you’ve got it. The hallowed halls of fevered, last minute bidding wars. After being outbid on two patterns I really wanted, getting discouraged and snarky about it, I took advantage of the “buy-it-now” option on the third I was eying. Bargain or not, I wanted it and didn’t want to be thwarted at the very last moment!! Its a lovely, late 1930’s/early 1940’s Dubarry dress pattern that I’m dying to get my hands on–and make. I’ll share a photo once I receive it!

This is all part of my “make clothes and thrift more/buy less retail” mantra. Or less mass produced/mass marketed retail (vintage clothing resellers and indie businesses excepted). I’m tired to walking into a store in the mall, and having to wade through racks of crummily produced clothing that isn’t the right color. Or if its the right colors and style, its either outrageously expensive ($118 for that sweatshop-made shirt? I think not…), or they don’t have my size. Worse yet, I love it, they have my size, and it doesn’t fit right. Or the grain is off just a hair, so that it hangs funny. Or its too big somewhere so I’ll need to alter it anyway.

What gets me even more, is that I’m assaulted constantly while shopping retail by the image the industry puts forth as the “only” acceptable look. Aside from the fact that my wardrobe–much like my interior decorating and artwork–is quite eclectic, I don’t need my confidence shaken by the insanely skinny, flawlessly blond models peering at me from larger-than-life posters. I have enough issues with low self image without any help from the people who are trying to separate me from my money in the name of fashion, thank you very much. I have bought that image lie before, and it costs a heck of a lot of money, upkeep and heartbreak. No more, I say.

So, in the interests of trying to keep my sanity, health and money (‘cause do I really need to be buying all the crud mass-marketers are trying to cram down my throat?), I declare that 2008 will be the year I try this little experiment with my wardrobe. I have rediscovered that thrifting, if done on a fairly regular basis, can yield wonders. Coupled with actually taking the time to sew, Etsy, and yes… Ebay, I dare say I can come up with a decent, unique array of garments to keep me clothed. This would of course, exclude Anthropologie–the only retailer I really like–despite the fact that I can’t actually afford their clothes. I just like to look at the pretty outfits in the catalogs!

As luck, or the alignment of the stars, or the Bloggy gods (or whatever… lol!) would have it, the always astute Tricia weighed in on a similar topic regarding fashion yesterday! Be sure to check out her lengthy and intelligent post Negate the Negativity.

busy like a christmas elf...

In other news: I will be updating the Shoppe tomorrow at noon (Eastern time) with last-minute Christmas goodies–including a super-limited edition ornament! So stay tuned…

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