the eternal question

Tuesdays seem to be earmarked as my “thrifting” days. After I head to the Post Office and mail out all the orders that have come in over the weekend, I tend to be in the mood to go into town and see what my favorite spots have. I am always surprised by the things I find–even if its just one “little” thing (the only “bad” thrift outing, in my book, is one in which you find nothing).

Today, despite the extreme windiness and cold (it barely got above the mid 30’s all day!), I girded myself with a yummy hot peppermint mocha from a local coffee shop, and visited my three favorite secondhand spots. I managed to dig up a few really nice items. My find of the day had to be this trio of vintage portraits:

trio of vintage photos

I have never found such nice photographs in a thrift store before, and there was a whole stack of them today! I think the only reason I found them was because as I was digging through the racks of frames, they happened to be brought out at that exact moment. Hmm… I think the Thrift Fairies must have decided to be extra nice to me this afternoon! There were six total, but I only grabbed three–the ones that really stood out to me. I think the other three may have ended up with an older gentleman who remarked on the ones I was carrying to the counter, and I directed him to where the others were. hehe. However, I really don’t like the blond wood frames, so they are downstairs on the kitchen table right now, with a fresh coat of paint drying! But for $3 (for all), I can’t argue much!

a glass full of buttons

I also picked up a brandy snifter. Now, you may ask, what are you doing with that? Has Miss Casey suddenly taken to drinking brandy?. No (I don’t much care for those sorts of drinks, to be honest!)! The shape caught my eye, and I figured it’d be the perfect place to stash all my white buttons! Except that I don’t have as many white buttons as I thought I had… Oh well. I guess I’ll have to start haunting about Ebay (which I really don’t like anymore) or perhaps light upon a large stash of them somewhere else… ‘Cause I think the whole glass, filled up would look really nice. Better yet, if I could manage to find two other, different stemmed glasses (maybe a champagne flute and wine glass), and fill those with buttons, display them together… Yes, I think that would make a very nice little display.

glittery christmastime

I also stopped by my favorite store specializing in all manner of shabby-chic and feminine accessories and decor. I shouldn’t have, but as I was walking down the sidewalk outside, I noticed a very lovely, glittery “Merry Christmas” sign. It was reasonable (under $7), and was calling my name. I’m glad I bought this too, because the owner said it was one of the few they had left. It looks very jolly looped over my mirror, and I think I’ll get a lot of mileage out of it in the coming Christmases!

vintage crystals

Lastly, but not least: I spied a whole jar full of vintage chandelier crystals, and they were at a rather good price too (I know, I know… I can’t pass up a bargain!), so I bought a handful. They are destined for a necklace project I’ve had in mind for awhile, and possibly will end up in the Shoppe after the first of the New Year!

Golly, I bet I seem like a shopaholic from this post. No, I’m not really… just enamored with thrifting and antiques. hehe. Its a malady, I suppose, but one that doesn’t seem to break the bank too much!

I hope you all are having a lovely Tuesday. Keep warm if you’re in a chilly spot like I am!!

Cheers & Creativity,
Casey [ email me ]

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