Good morning, my friends!! I had to scramble a bit this morning, because I forgot I needed to scan some more things for the Vintage Monday feature! lol. I hope that you’ll enjoy this one… its another gem from one of my favorite decades in fashion.

vintage monday [ week ten ] ::

This illustration is from 1845 and features a nice array of garments. Although there is no caption, it looks like there are two visiting (or day) gowns, a wrapper and then a rather bulky looking striped shawl that is covering most of the fourth lady’s gown (which is really quite inelegant compare to the rest of the ladies!). I have two favorites in this plate that stand out. The plaid gown is just gorgeous. I tend to favor geometric weaves or prints, and I love the play on the plaid directions! There is something really classic and elegant about taking a even plaid and turning it on the diagonal for a different effect. I also love the ruffled hem of the third figure; I think that would look equally charming on a modern-day ensemble!

Any details or overall looks stand out at you today? How would you incorporate some of these 19th century dressmaker details into modern wear?

Cheers & Creativity,
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