holiday postcards

Every year, almost without fail, I hatch grand plans for how I’m going to make Christmas cards and send them out to everyone I know. Most years, something (usually finals when I’m in school) interrupts these plans. And this year it kinda happened (remember that sketch that was supposed to be my holiday card? Its still unfinished, I’m sad to say…). But I did manage to scan a vintage Christmas postcard and do some graphic design magic… Viola! A cute, vintage theme Christmas card!! Which leads me into…

I would love to do a little Christmas card swap this year! If you’d like to get a postcard in the mail from me, just drop me an email with your name and address and I’ll send one to you! (And please, if you live outside the US, don’t let that stop you!) Just be sure to have emailed me by December 10–I plan on sending my postcards out around that time. I almost hesitate to call this a swap, since I’m not demanding you send me anything back. If you’d like to–I’d be thrilled! Otherwise, this is my little Christmas gift to you! And please, don’t be shy–even if you’ve never commented, or are new to this blog!

So far today has been spent working and catching up! The Shoppe managed to empty out a bit after last week (a million thanks to those who have been interested in my wares!), so I’m scrambling to get the last few Christmasy items up later this week. Stay tuned for some more pins, stockings and a surprise!

mail goodness

Highlight of my day today was the mail. I know I probably shouldn’t get so excited, but its nice to get something other than bills and offers from universities for a change! Firstly was the package of cream card stock I ordered from Laura Crow Miller after she recently was clearing out some excess supplies. She included a few goodies that I just love (aren’t the round tags so cute?)!

anthropologie inspiration 01

The new Anthropologie catalog came as well. Gosh, I love their clothes–its a weakness, it really is. I can barely bring myself to pay for the clothes–even when they’re on sale–but I still love looking at them and getting ideas. The cover was just gorgeous–I want to wear flowers piled atop my head like that! lol. And my favorite outfit pictured had to be the one below; stripy pants and a really cute cardigan? Yes please!

anthropologie inspiration 02

Have you peeked at the newest issue of NEET? Every issue seems to get better and better, in my opinion! I purchased ad space in this issue–which was the first “big” scale ad I’ve done! I certainly learned a couple things about ad design that I’ll use next time I have to design a large scale graphic like this. But it sure was fun, and hopefully will garner a wee bit of interest in the Shoppe!


I hope you all are having a lovely, inspired Monday!!

Cheers & Creativity,
Casey [ email me ]