weekend occupations

There I was, cuddled up in my oversized San Diego sweatshirt (purchased post haste on the way home from California this summer!), crouched over my desk, crazily stitching away at some new designs. The inspiration for these new designs struck late in the day… sending me into a flurry of uncharacteristic late-night activity. I’m not a night owl, but lately I’ve had more and more brainwaves at late hours. Which is slowly turning me into a night owl. lol. My days usually end with me sketching down some last idea in my sketchbook, while seated in bed, eyes drooping. A very comical picture, indeed. When do you find your “ah ha!” moments strike? What put you in the inspiration mood? Tell me–I’d love to know!

I hope you are all having a wonderful, relaxing weekend. I’m helping my parents get the Christmas decorations out, which is putting me in quite the Christmas mood! Oh, and a happy first day of December, my friends! Just thirty more days before its time to say goodbye to 2007…

Cheers & Creativity,
Casey [ email me ]