I really love doing the regular Vintage Monday and Inspiration Friday posts, and have been wracking my brain, trying to come up with something for Wednesdays! So, I thought, why not do a post of a selected few items from Etsy shops that have caught my eye in the past week? Not only would it be fun to put together and show you all, but also a little way to get the word out about other Etsy shops and promote them! Every week I’ll feature five items I’ve selected. Sometimes they’ll have a common theme, other times they’ll just be random… But I hope you’ll enjoy!!


etsy goodies [ one ]


Ahoy Necklace by chainedchainedchained – Isn’t this charming?! I really love the miniature ship with the little accents!

Viking Ship Pin by deepindigo – Okay, so we know that I have a weakness for textile based pins, but who could resist such a cute Viking ship?!

Old Style Sailing Ship Tshirt by apheele – I adore how the ship is printed with a subtle pattern–lovely!! (I also wanted to add I recently purchased a tshirt from this shop and am pleased as punch with it!!)

Hope you all are having a lovely Wednesday! I’ll be back tomorrow (I promise–I know I’ve been pretty m.i.a. the past week!) with some new goodies and updates and things…

Cheers & Creativity,
Casey [ email me ]

p.s. Just in case anyone is interested, I’ve slowly been revamping my website and have added a few new galleries to the inspiration section!